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Vocational Schools In Nj

Deborah Said:

Chances of Getting into UPenn or Columbia school of General Studies?

We Answered:

You are a candidate for any of these schools. Your SAT's are likely on the low side but your resume is impressive and credible. You did a fine job...You worked hard...You demonstrated success.

Now your "next test" is to present this model to your next schools intake committee. You need show confidence, no fear, a degree of self-confidence bordering upon arrogance and an ability to communicate that each of them "need" you
to be an asset to their program. You are to communicate that you are judging "them" through their selection process. This is salemanship which is the cornerstone of all political and commercial dealings. Cynically, it is also applies to most interpersonal dealings.

In a worst case scenario of rejection to any of your favorites. Go to a JC or State school with the express intent of transferring as a sophmore or junior into the program you want.

The only thing that matters is the school name on the diploma. The manner you get there will NEVER be questioned or made an issue.

All this will be followed by your assault on graduate schools which will be a similar battle eased modestly by the perceived quality of your undergraduate degree.

BTW, never diminish the value of your A.P. or Honors course study in the eyes of your reviewers. Your individual grades should be considered one full grade above the earned grade for fair and equitable comparison to non-honors studies. This might well compensate for your good but not world shaking SAT scores.

Good Luck

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