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Vocational Schools In Pa

Nathaniel Said:

A Cruel Reality? What are we suppose to do?

We Answered:

I was talking to a friend about this problem just last week. Yes, we need a way to give a parolee, etc. a second chance. The situation is especially bad these days because so many people without a strike against them can't find jobs.

Long-term we need to concentrate more on rehabilitation and training in prisons; but that costs money, and people don't want to pay for it. Short-term, social agencies and churches could run programs trying to find jobs that people would give to "second-chancers".

To answer your question, I suggest that you go to various churches and find the person at each one who is responsible for social services. Talk to that person about your situation, and whether s/he could locate an employer who would give someone a second chance, then introduce you.

Be ready to start small and simple, and work your way up as you prove yourself capable of the basics: honesty, reliability, desire to do a good job, punctuality. Good luck.

Mike Said:

Are These grades good these highschools what can i do also can you give me advice about them, do they check pa?

We Answered:

For Townsend Harris, you need at least a 90 Grade Point Average
For QHHSYC, you need at least a 498 on the Specialized High School Admissions Exam to get in
For Thomas Ed., you need an average of 75.00%-85.00%

Evelyn Said:

Thinking about being a Physician's Assistant?

We Answered:

I work at the University of South Alabama, our PA program is HIGHLY competitive. If you are not the top of the top of your class, as in 3.89 - 4.0 GPA, you have no hope of getting in. Anything else that can push you over the top, is just a bonus. We do accept graduates right out of college with BA/BS, but again...just the elite. PA's in the South are in high demand and move right into our affiliated hospitals after graduating from the program if they choose to go in that direction. Most PA's enter into contracts with their new employers that end up paying off most, if not all of their student loans, in return for a employment.

Jaime Said:

Question about diploma and vocational schools.?

We Answered:

If you need to take the FCAT they may have a way for you to do so online. I would call the school system you graduated from as request a copy of your records. I would then go over them and have them prove you did not take that with the rest of your class and that it was just not miss placed because the FCAT is done as a school you would have needed to be absent from school the day it was done in order to not have taken it.. I would double check with the school.. Yes a community college will accept you but without a diploma you can not obtain a degree.. You ahve to have diploma or GED.. Fight your school for your diploma.. They should have said something before you walked for graduation.. Good luck..

here is a link for the FCAT.. you may be able to get some information here..

Wade Said:

Where were you 5 years ago today?

We Answered:

I was serving breakfast at a restaurant, when my husband called and told me about the first plane. He called immeadiately back and told us about the second. I called my boss at home and asked him if he cared if we put the radio on the news because something terrible was going on that we all needed to know about. I spent the rest of my shift crying and wondering how people could come in and eat freaking pancakes when the world as we knew it was changing. I still wonder how those people felt as they were sipping their coffee like nothing was wrong.

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