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Vocational Schools In San Diego

Nicole Said:

What's my options beside dropping off, trade or vocational school, and military?

We Answered:

Talk to your CCC counselor about "academic renewal" to remove D or F grades. Some UCs permit less than 3.0 for Transfer Admission Guarantee. Review the general TAG information at http://uctransfer.universityofcalifornia… and talk to your CCC counselor or someone at CCC transfer center.

Last year UCD pledged to accept most, if not all, students with GPA of 2.80 or better (except in Engineering), UCR pledged to accept most, if not all, students with GPA of 2.40 or better to noncompetitive majors, and UCSC pledged to accept most, if not all, students who meet transfer eligibility criteria. You have some options, so stay positive.

Marshall Said:

Need help in San Diego...What can I do?

We Answered:

I think AMC might be hiring. It doesn't pay well, but the hours can be scheduled around class. AT&T is also offering jobs in La Jolla. Also search the classifieds for jobs. The internet can be a good resource as well.
Sites like
should be able to help you find a job opening.

Earl Said:

What are the requirements for becoming a respiratory therapist?

We Answered:

Resp therapy is a 2 year degree. It is generally housed at a community college
cost depends on the school. I went to a state community college and it was less than 8 thousand for the 2 years about 6 years ago.

Jeremy Said:

debating which vocational school to attend for LVN?

We Answered:

Your best option is your local community collge. They have the best program of studies, the most respected/prestigous programs and at the lowest costs in the area.

Alberto Said:

Getting a degree from a vocational it credible?

We Answered:

I know about National and I think they are fine. I have had community college instructors and counsellors with degrees from National. It is more expensive than traditional schools though, because it is private. Since you have good work experience, I think that National would be fine.

Price-wise, I would reccomend sticking it out with community college and then transferring to SDSU or CSUSM, but if National is a better structure for you (they do one class a month, usually nights) and you can afford it, I say go for it!

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