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Vocational Schools In Virginia

Paul Said:

I want to go into nursing but I got my degree in Psych what should I do?

We Answered:

Many community college offer a 2 year RN program. I'm going through a similar situation---I graduated last May with a B.A. in Liberal Studies and now am looking into nursing. Since my degree did not require many science classes, I have quite a few pre requisites to fulfill before I can apply. I'm not sure about the colleges in your area, but the ones in southern California are very competitive (200 applications for 44 spots for, example). If nursing is what you'd really love to do, then you'll more the likely have to be patient.

Rafael Said:

Do you feel a bit of anxiety in school nowadays due to the seeming increase in school shootings?

We Answered:

It is scary. I know I fear for my poor kids every day. I have tried to help them understand what to do in that kind of a situation....even though I don't really know myself. When I was in school you never heard of those things happening. At our school system here we have practices now...just like a fire or a tornado drill. They have "lock-down" drills. They immediately pull down the blinds on their doors, turn off the lights in their classrooms and lock the door and gather in one corner of the room quietly. Those on the first floor go out their windows.

It's a scary world we live in and I pray to God that my children never have to face this thing.

Seems like it always happens in the small towns too.

(And does not only happen in public schools, and whoever said that on here is an idiot. It happens in Christian schools and even AMISH schools, fool!)

Steve Said:

Cosmetology Question?

We Answered:

I couldnt tell you much about whats in your area (im from the uk ^^) but i can give you some (hopefully) useful adivce.

firstly, what you saw in those pictures was mostly nail varnish art, unless the person stuck the little hearts and stars on, they are probably embedded in the acrylic/gel.

stick with the course your on at the moment cause once you never know they may teach gel nail application but just havnt mentioned it. even if they do, once you have learned how to apply acrylics, its not to much of a step up in learning as the application is relatively the same only there is no powder and liquid mixing and you need to cure the layers of gel under a UV lamp.

once you ahve finished the cosmotolagy course, you can look for holistic arts academy's or nail technitian specialist collages that only teach nail applications. big nail productsd companys normally have there own academys that will give you a few days devoted to what ever you pick, from gel and acrylic application to mastery and advanced nail art. there quite expencive but its sooooo worth it!! companies like NSI, IBD and CND will have there own academys where you can go for 1-5 days of intensive training with one of there specialists and they will teach you everything you need to know and more AND they will give you a widely recognised quialfication saying you have excelled in what ever area you choose.

once you have learned how to apply acrylic nails, you can look into learning how to use poppits or inverted moulds and learn how to embed art into your nails like the one in the pictures, its really easy and actually takes less time to apply a full sef of acrylics using this method.

good luck in your studies and hope this all helps <3

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It's a scary world we live in and I pray to God that my children never have to face this thing.

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