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Vocational Schools Washington

Casey Said:

are there cherokee tribes in washington state?

We Answered:

No, that tribe is in the central/north of North America.

Johnny Said:

I am a military spouse and need help finding the right school to become a nurse, what program do I need?

We Answered:

Each program explains a list of prerequisites you need to get into their program.

Have you taken any college classes yet? B/c in addition to completing the prerequisites, you also need to complete the classes (general ed) for the school you are going to.

Some of the nursing prerequisites you need to take before getting into nursing school are:

organic chemistry
life span development

and that's to just name a few...

it just depends on where you want to go and what type of nursing program you want to get into. Each school is a little different. Most schools do not let you into their program if you've already started another have to start over again.

When you become an RN, you have to take the board exam for the state you want to work in. So if you're working in Washington and then move to Missouri, then you need to take the state board exam for Missouri.

Wayne Said:

extra credit history questions please answer the ones you know?

We Answered:


Bobbie Said:

11th grade History homework questions just answer the ones you know please.?

We Answered:

I don't do homework for people. Open your textbook and do some basic reading.

Barbara Said:

Why do Liberals criticize people who don't go to college?

We Answered:

there are many successfull people, as you mentioned, without college degrees. i was elected as a liberal and never looked down on anyone. perhaps you are just talking to the wrong people

hope this helps


Discuss It! said:

Thank you for this piece of information over here. I was looking forward to finding the perfect school where I could start my career as a nurse. I just found a nice school, but wanted to know the pre-requisites before I would get inside there, and now that I do, I will get started with the registration process. I will even have an essay writer work on my admission essay before I go in there.

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Board of Secondary Education Rajasthan (BSER) has administered 12th public exams for the aspiring and eligible students of the state in the month of March this year.

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I too have started my nursing career just a year or two ago and back earlier went to a vocational school. Physiology's among the interesting fields for me although it's all a thing about preference. The prerequisites their were higher than I anticipated although I was able to enroll myself.

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