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Vocational Skills Training

Jacob Said:

Has welfare increased or decreased since the 1994 Contract with America took issue with welfare reform?

We Answered:

Welfare and poverty rates both declined during the late-1990s. One reason was that the Welfare Reform Act required people to actually document their claims to benefits. It turned out that many of the children listed as dependents did not, in fact, exist.
The work requirement is somewhat sporadically enforced, but certainly more diligently than before 1996.

Andy Said:

What do I need to do to open a day program, for people with mental retardation?

We Answered:

The term mental retardation is rarely used any more. The correct term is Developmentally delayed.

To develop a day program, you need to consider the following;
What type of programs do you want to offer, and how your going to implement them. You will need to do this, to show investors and met authority bylaws etc.
The venue - do you want to rent or build, where is the best place to have it, the set out of the venue, what type of furnishings or equipment do you require, and is it safe and secure.
Does it met local authority regulations or legislations e.g OH & S (Occupational Health & Safety).
What permits do you require, you will need to check with local authority bylaws.
Workplace Policies & procedures, feed back forms and grievance procedures etc. These will help maintain consistency of service, and meeting the on going needs and wants of your clients.
Quality staff with relevant qualifications, as well as police screening, this protects the clients and you as the employer.
Staff training, and workplace orientation so staff are familiar with the workplace.
You will also need to ensure that staff have First Aid training.
And how big is your budget going to be, to get this off the ground.

I can't think of anything else, but your work is cut out for you. Ideally you should consult with, a disability services, council or local authorities, investors etc, so as to met each other and talk about what the aims and outcomes are to be.

Good luck

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