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Vocational Trade Schools

Daisy Said:

Do trade/vocational schools offer Bachelor Degrees?

We Answered:

A very general answer would be "no". Most vocational schools either offer a certificate of completion for a particular course of study or an Associates degree. Should you choose a reputable community college, your credits may be transferable to your four year program. You need to check both schools in advance to see if the particular community college's credits generally transfer and more specifically will the four year school take specific credits you would have earned. Community college is sometimes a great way to go, since the cost savings for the first two years can be enormous. Good luck to you.

Dennis Said:

Does the Stafford Loan work for vocational schools/ trade programs as well?

We Answered:

As long as it leads to a certificate or associates degree then yes. IF it's for a short term program then no

Tyler Said:

Why go to college when trade schools or vocational programs are avaiable?

We Answered:

Colleges educate someone, not just train. For example over four times as many classes are required, even an art student has to take several classes in science for example, also english literature, 1 year worth of a foreign languge, etc. It makes someone 'educated' and well rounded. You can easily tell the difference between someone who went to a 4 year college and someone who went to a vocational/training school which is no different than learning a trade on the job but with instruction and more thorouhgly but that's it. No philosophy, music, chemistry, biology, english lit/writing, anthropology, comparative religion or lit, psychology, sociology, math (in some cases) required and more. A vocational school cuts out all the 'hard' stuff that make people interesting and well rounded, and just trains them like a monkey to do the job and those who find the 4 year too difficult have no respect for it and turn against it and put it down :) But employers do know the value that is why they will hire someone from a difficult 4 year background over any other candidate any day, that alone has the last say because someone who is anti 4-year ed. will attack all arguments, so it can be left to the evidence of the real world who has the last say. I do have lots of respect for someone who goes to a vocational school, especially with a 4 year education under their belt.

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I don't think vocational schools would provide any bachelors degree. Vocational schools are mainly meant for people who are not good with theory subjects and are subject mainly to simple practical subjects.