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Vocational Training Education

Marlene Said:

What are certificate programs that focus on job training?

We Answered:

There are a ton of medical technical training programs that you could get into. Search for technical programs in your area.

George Said:

does my RESUME look good?how can i make it better??????10 points?

We Answered:

". I work great independently and working with others"

Change that to: "I work great independently and also with others"

"Postion: Family friend." Position??

"I currently attend Rosny College in 2008, I studied 6 subjects." Here you're mixing past and present tense. Put something like "I currently am studying..."

Never use "I'm". It sounds too personal. Use "I am" etc.

"Famish/say cheese cafe" Is this the name of the Business? If so don't forget to capitalize the name of the whole thing.

"Duties included:

* Handling money
* Serving Customers
* Coffee Making
* Waitressing
* Cleaning duties. "

Instead of bullets, try putting it in a sentence. Example: "Prepared various drinks, handled customer relations, worked the register, performed all duties needed to run the restaurant including cleaning." etc.


Hope this helped!

I took a resume building class and had a women whose job is to help fix resumes review mine :D

PS: Maybe it's just me but your years don't seem to fit right...?

Unless you started college WAYYYY early. 1991? You'd definitely be under 18 right? Just wondering.

Helen Said:

Should prison inmates have access to ?

We Answered:

If they did manual labor the rest of the time to cut down on expenses for the state, possibly.

Otherwise no.

It was hard as hell for me to get my education and I have never been arrested. Why does someone who has only taken from society deserve anything?
Prison needs to be a chain gang crew again.
Compare the numbers of repeat offenders.

Ramon Said:

In this economy, can you afford a liberal arts education for yourself or your children?

We Answered:

People with college educations tend to receive higher incomes. Of course, the statistics stating that conclusion are aggregates. Some of the people included in those aggregates are gifted. They breeze through college and have the innate skills required to succeed in their careers. College does little to truly develop those skills. Indeed, I wonder whether some of those skills *can* be taught.

So some people earn massively more than those without college degrees. And their earnings are reported as if they are due to their degrees. In fact, their advanced degrees, along with their subsequent earnings, were made possible by their superior talents. Causality is reversed.

Now, there is no doubt that even relatively unskilled people who manage to obtain a degree will tend to receive higher wages than those without. Again, there is something of a talent bias in that some people without degrees did not choose to obtain them. Rather, they didn't have even the rudimentary ability (even in our watered down colleges) to obtain the degrees. Was it their lack of degree or their lack of talent? I am inclined to say the later.

So after adjusting for innate talent (I'm doubtful we could do so quantitatively), while I expect college graduates to have higher earnings, it would be much less than the statistics suggest. What's more, people allow themselves to be directed toward fields that they hope will be higher earning but that don't match with their strengths. Meanwhile, it is not uncommon to find people without degrees going into fields that they love and enjoying large incomes by matching their best talents with their passions.

College educations are appropriate for many fields. But for the majority, I believe that they are scams.

Hilda Said:

want to build free education school for deserving children from nursury till he/she want to study. any idea?

We Answered:

Well I don't know where you live, but we already have this in the United States. Free educaiton all the time. Get good grades and your college will be paid for, too.

Marion Said:

Do you beleive that extending the School Year/ Day will improve education?

We Answered:

I think that if you are going to point out what happens in 'foreign countries' you should specify which one or ones you are speaking of.

Not all countries have better education systems than the US, and not all countries who have better test scores spend more time in class or doing school work.

What is different is that in countries with good school systems, the government spends more money on developing and maintaining curriculum. These countries ensure that all children have an equal opportunity to access education.

Foreign countries do not have better behaved pupils than the US. That is a stereotype.

You are likely correct that in countries where people watch less TV on average, students do better in school.

Extending the school day will not necessarily make students do better, and teachers are paid through out the summer as well, so this would not affect their salaries.

There have been many studies that show that the summer break is too long. Students could benefit from having less vacation time in the summer, but get more vacations through out the year (Ex. more time at Christmas and a Fall break).

Students who have two months off in the summer tend to forget a lot more of the things that they learned in the past year. This means that every September teachers have to waste class time reminding students things that they already should have known.

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