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Vocational Training Uk

Anthony Said:

Can I study for a dental speciality or work in the UK with an italian degree??

We Answered:

For everything related to education in the UK, and look for the British Council office in Italy. They have been appointed by the British government to assist international students.

For the USA, consult .The website will help you out with the requisite procedure and courses available.

All the best!

Jose Said:

Can I study with a UK Ancestry Visa.?

We Answered:

Might wanna be careful there.

"# You have spent five years continuously in the UK and can show that you have an employment history throughout that five year period. If you intend to apply for ILR you should not spend more than 90 days per year outside the UK during this five year period.
# If at the end of your five year ancestry visa you do not meet all of the ILR qualifying criteria you may apply for an extension to your ancestry visa. "

Kelly Said:

A painter's/decorator's vocational training in the UK?

We Answered:

four years for full qualifacation
three yearsin college /on site learning (including optional fx like marble effect ect)
1 yr on tools
dob jone
(modern apprenticship so earn and learn)
(special effects decorators can charge anywhere up to £30ph so stay for that extra year i didnt bother and its costing me a small fortune in colege fees and kit to practice at home with)

And most of all
Good luck

Rene Said:

anyone know of MA in creative and cultural industries or dig. media that focus 2 on vocational skills in uk?

We Answered:

No but if you do get an answer please let me know I'm trying to look for the same hahaha.
I'm sure you can start at your local college, they have courses on media.
Sorry If I can't be much of help

Ray Said:

when did vocational training begin in the uk?

We Answered:

National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) were introduced in 1994 (so they did not exist in 1980). The idea met with some resistance as they are based on learners showing competencies (the abiklity to perform a list of tasks). Resistance was because one can teach a dog to perform a trick just as easily and learners had to perform each task only once to gain the qualification. We began to turn out plumbers who could not calculate the angles for gravity to take away drain waters and electricians who killed themselves when they started work. Teachers nicknamed NVQs to mean Not Very Qualified. French education institutions thought Britain had gone completely mad and do not accept them as qualifications. The Government however was committted to them and refused to provide educational funding to any institution that awarded qualifications such as the Institute of Plumbing unless they changed their qualifications to NVQs.
Real vocational training began in the 1870s in Germany. That is where the apprenticeship scheme originated. It was copied worldwide and survived in the UK until the introduction of NVQs and so-called "Modern Apprenticeships".
The site below has a good article on the issue.

Darlene Said:

when will classes of national vocational training start in UK for diploma?

We Answered:

Visit this site:…

Jean Said:

how can a 17 year old from UK get canadian citizenship?

We Answered:

As it takes months to fully process an application for adoption it would be a a lot harder with the parent/s still alive (and not willing to consent), and crossing international borders (you would have to make sure it is legal before she could have a right to register as a Canadian citizen).

If she just comes over on a tourist visa and you attempt to "sort out the stuff when she gets there" you may be charged with international kidnapping. While her mother may be abusive she still legally is the child's mother unless there are court orders stating otherwise.

It would be easier to wait until she's 18 (as that is the legal age where the child becomes an adult). Perhaps she could consider becoming a Working Holiday Maker or a student to gain access to Canada. If her grandfather is willing to help her out he may provide free accommodation while she studies.

Another option would be the Family Class Application.…

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