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Welding Trade Schools

Sherri Said:

Plumbing trade schools in NY with boarding?

We Answered:

Well, first of all, there are no schools with boarding in New York City at all, so your friend will have to find his own place to live, probably with a few roommates, or maybe the school will have a Housing Department to help him find something.

And, other than that, you'll find a directory of New York City Trade Schools at the links, below.

Good luck!... :-D

Allan Said:

Welding School? Whats it like? Is this a good career?

We Answered:

I'm just getting done my welding diploma now and i started with no knowledge of the trade and now I hold 8 tickets in it and am top 5 in the class. Welding is alot of fun, everyday is something new and you can take pride in your work, however it is very skill based and you need to get the arc time in to develop those skills and maintain them. When your looking into a welding college make sure they teach SMAW(stick), GMAW(mig), FCAW(fluxcore), GTAW(Tig) and pulse mig and tig, because those are becoming more wide spread in the field and it will help to have experience in the new technology. An average day at my college is about 4 hours of shop time welding and then 2-4 hours of theory, the book work is easy as long as you pay attention. If you want to be an extremely good welder you should be very dexterous because you need to have complete control over yourself while you weld(I'm talking overhead mainly and pipe welding). Over all i think welding is a great career, salaries range from $10-$150 per hour depending on how good you are and what connections you have and theres lots of room to expand like weld inspection.

Lester Said:

What are some Trade Schools or Programs the have Welding or Ironwork (iron-worker)? Telephone number will help

We Answered:

The first link is to one specific school (address and phone listed below). And the second link I provided has a whole bunch of schools and trade schools that have welding programs. Hope that helps!

Modern Welding School, Inc.
1842 State Street
Schenectady, NY 12304
Phone 518-374-1216
Toll-Free 800-396-6810

Deanna Said:

where can i enroll for a trade school in the philippines for welding, heavy equipment operator or automechanic?

We Answered:

you can enroll at any Philippine State Universities and Colleges (it was trade school before) all over the Philippines, these courses are available but entrance examination is required.

Christian Said:

Good college or trade schools to get a welding job?

We Answered:

Go to Hobart school of welding. Pretty much guaranteed to get a job after going there.
They are highly recognized by industry and get first looked at by employers. I wished I had gone to them when I started it would not have taken me 34 years to get where I am at now. They are expensive but worth it.

Marion Said:

Do you need to go to trade school to weld if you learned in high school?

We Answered:


Danny Said:

Welding training in the Orlando area?

We Answered:

Have you googled "Orlando Trade Schools" ? Obvoiusly you haven't or else you would not be asking this question.…

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Having been brought up in New York..i am very much familiar with the schools which teach plumbing and wiring job in the city. There are around 20 schools, which provide welding and plumbing services. Boarding rates are also feasible.

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