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What Are Vocational Schools

Jo Said:

If i go to a vocational school for childcare courses do i still get credits like other schools?

We Answered:

You need to contact the state of Florida and ask about the licensing requirements to make sure, but most technical and/or vocational higher education credits do not transfer to more traditional schools. For instance, ITT Technical Institute credits will not transfer to Florida State. Motorcycle Mechanics Institute in Orlando's credits will not transfer to U of Florida, etc.
The difference is that the requirements for education are different in each instance. When students at MMI are learning about Suzuki motorcycles, students at FSU have to take English 101.
The accredidation is also different. If you're considering going to a traditional college, then take a visit to that campus and sit down with one of their admissions reps. They will outline the different options for you.
One huge difference: Financial Aid. Typically vocational schools charge a lot more money for their courses than community colleges or universities. The financial aid piece is a lot better when you go to a college or university. Financial aid amounts are the same whether you go to vocational school or college, so you get more bang for your buck at a traditional college.
My opinion is that someone should pursue a traditional education whenever possible because it opens up a lot more options. Instead of merely caring for the children in a daycare center, you could be the Executive Director overseeing ALL the children and really making more of a difference.
Whatever you decide to do, go for it with all your guts!

Jared Said:

what are the problems faced by dress making vocational schools?

We Answered:

i dunno. insufficient promotions? i thought we outsource this kind of work. so that schooling wasn't needed.

Nicole Said:

Please help are vocational schools good?

We Answered:

A vocational school will not help you with pre-medical studies. Most of them are for students who do not plan to go to college, and they teach various jobs that don't need college education. You might also be attending school with classmates who have been in trouble. I think there should be more vocational schools and that they are very good for those who need them, but if you want to be a doctor, you need to go to a good high school, a good college, and then medical school. A vocational school might help you be an office assistant or a technician.

Dorothy Said:

What are some vocational schools that offer computer science (bachelors)?

We Answered:

California college;j…

San Diego Mesa College
Approximate cost (In state) : $508
Approximate cost (Out of state) : 4,500$

Foundation College…
Approximate cost (In state and out of state) : 30,000$

Those are all the colleges offering computer science in San Diego that I could find however here are some Universities offering computer science:

San Diego State University
Approximate cost (Instate) : $15,412
Approximate cost (Out of state) : $26,000

Point Loma Nazarene University
Approximate cost (Instate and Out of state) : 30,000$

Good luck

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