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What Is Technical Education

Gene Said:

what technical education should i go for after completing my graduation in english?

We Answered:

You have to start everything a fresh.
You may not be able to get in to entrance examination if your optionals does not suit.

Gary Said:

What is the difference of technology education to technical education?

We Answered:

technology education is learning about computers and tech and stuff while a technical education is an education that prepares you to do a specific job,like car maitenance or construction.theyre often much shorter as the point is to prepare you to work soon.

Edwin Said:

What are the various technical education courses in India?

We Answered:

There are a no.of those courses like engineering, medical, mass communication,marine engineering etc.

Jessica Said:

What is the criteria whereby the University of Pune issues a Not Fit for Technical Education for Engineering?

We Answered:

Pune university I am not sure.
But the practice at other places are,
"Candidate not obtained the eligibility for third semester after a period of three academic years from the date of first admission have to discontinue the course with NFTC ( Not fit for Technical course) ''

Roberto Said:

what is policy of government regarding higher technical education?

We Answered:

Depends on what government in which country. I recomend you look up the latest election manifest of the current party in power in your country and read their policies on education. If not, write your local representitive for a clarification. Otherwise, you can google your country's education related minister or cabinet member, and see what he has to think on this issue.

I assure you, nobody here is likely to be a government spokeperson.

Victoria Said:

What is the latest curriculum of Technical Education Skills Development Authority in the Philippines?

We Answered:

first of all TESDA is not a school but rather a government agency tasked to improve and develop technical-vocational education and training. it standardizes and courses for technical-vocational courses all over the Philippines.

here is a list of accredited training institutions with TESDA recognized courses. you need to call each institute for availability and costs.………

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You can see that there is huge demand for technical graduates in India and since you have institutions like IIT and regional engineering colleges, it might not be a problem getting an entry to the technical field.

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technical education, the scholarly and professional arrangement of understudies for employments including connected science and current innovation. It underlines the understanding and handy use of essential standards of science and arithmetic, as opposed to the achievement of capability in manual aptitudes that is legitimately the worry of professional instruction.

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Technical education is nothing but more of a practical education. This is the kind of education, that one would rely on to get a good knowledge on the aspect. That is why most industries look for people who have a good technical knowledge over theoretical knowledge.

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