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What Is Vocational Education And Training

Byron Said:

okay so i am 18 and am getting my first job and want to get my food handlers card?

We Answered:

well see for this I hope this will be resolving your problem you can also browse more for this on but i think you better look at what i suggested it helped me too.
Best of luck.

Joann Said:

How would I start my own Preschool?

We Answered:

You will need to check with your state licensing. They can tell you the legal minimum requirements in your state. 'Minimum" is the important word here.

Parents look for preschools where teachers have the best education, relate well to both children and parents, policies fit their needs and the environment and activities are developmentally appropriate.

College level ECE classes in child development, art, science, music and administration are minimum classes for employment in most preschools.

If you decide to specialize in Montessori, Reggio, or other philosophies you can take classes from colleges focus on these courses.

I volunteered in the best early childhood programs in my area. Watching these teachers in action taught me so much.
Connect with your local NAEYC or similar organizations in your area. NAEYC offers excellent conferences with training.
Read the NAEYC guidelines for accreditation. They are highly respected and will give you an idea of a quality early childhood care and education facility.

Redleaf Press offers business materials focused on early childhood care and education.

Discount school supply and Lakeshore are great sites for everything from art supplies to furniture.

Good luck!

Update: The other answerer makes the important point of mentors.
Please contact your Child Care Resource and Referral agency. They are state funded to supply information and training. They can direct you to mentors, trainings, director organizations and college programs.
Contact the Early Childhood Education departments at your local colleges.

Jason Said:

My parents keep degrating me for going to college and telling me that it will not get me anywhere.?

We Answered:

Wow that sucks. Your parents should encourage you to do what it is that makes YOU happy and push you to go to college to give you all of the necessary tools you need to succeed in your field of choice and in life. Don't pay any mind to their beliefs( I don't) and do what you feel is best for you and what you want out of life. Lastly don't be pressured into having kids at a young age when you find the right person the time will come for kids.

Todd Said:

is it worth going to university?

We Answered:


You really don't sound sure of your university which isn't a very good start. You don't mention the course you're doing?

I went to uni and finished a degree in Film Studies and Media Communications last year, I have a fair amount of debt from my student loan and have just got a job with a low salary...

BUT I don't regret a single minute.The life experience is priceless, I have so much more confidence now and can't wait to get a place of my own, as well as meeting my boyfriend.

The things I do regret are the course I chose and wasting my loan. My course isn't considered particularly acadamic but the fact that I have a degree got me my job - which is something in the economic climate! And I'm now studying a home learning course in web design and from job applications, you're unlikely to get this kind of job without a degree.

My advice to you would be, don't go to a uni you don't have any faith in, you'll have a pesimistic outlook from the start and may even find it hard fitting in with the new lifestyle, let alone the course. You can get into most universities with 3 C's - I did! I think the best thing would be to take a year out, get a 9-5 or go down your apprenticeship/vocational path and reapply next year, or in a couple of years - if you're not already set in a career.

If it's problem with your family, working for a year and saving up would mean that you have some support if you decide to go, which to most families would seem like a mature and sensible thing to do. And if you can, apply to some where near home so you don;t spend money on accomodation.

As for the loan, ok it's not very nice having it hanging over your head but the amount you pay back is so small you won't even notice it going out of your account.

It really does depend a lot on the course you're doing, and there are other options - a home learning course teaches you skills you need for a career and for something such as my course, helps you build a portfolio. Despite not being very far along, the fact that I'm doing it got me a long way in my interview - but not as far as my degree.

Hope this helps a little, and not just confuses you more!

Good luck! :)

Irma Said:

Without looking it up... would you know the answer to this question?

We Answered:

13, female
grade 8, student

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Food handlers card also known as food worker card or the food handler permit. A food handler safety training card is required for people employed in or operating a food establishment. It is designed to ensure that restaurant employees receive a reasonable level of training in food safety practices.

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Vocational Education as work necessary education - something that is compulsory or recommended for you to succeed in your role.Vocational Education contains things such as Workplace Health and Safety, Training and Evaluation and Marketing.

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The whole website is about the Vocational education and Training centers. Now in this post you have explored the meaning of Vocational Education and Training Centers. German increase the growth of Vocatioanl schools which may help to decrease the unmployment rate. In such school we can learn a lot of skills regarding different field of life.

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