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What Is Vocational Skills

Stephanie Said:

What vocational skill is most employable?

We Answered:

In most parts of the US it is nursing.

Leona Said:

What would the US be like with about 85% less illegal drugs on the streets?

We Answered:

Same as with any place.

Crime would go down.
Intelligence would go up.

Ratio of losers to non losers would improve dramatically.

Freddie Said:

Do you need certification in the state of Missouri to give HOLISTIC and ALTERNATIVE medicine advice?

We Answered:

If you charge for it, you must be licensed by the state. If you intend to enter the retail market, you also need tax certificates - you will have to charge customers sales taxes and remit them. Missouri is one of the less demanding states for business licenses - yet you still have to have it. Your best bet is to consult with other, established merchants who provide the same services and products you intend to offer. Start by contacting your local Rotary and asking who in your area does that...then visit this person(s) and ask if they can offer you some guidance.
It probably wouldn't hurt to take a class in business law at your local community college or university...

Roberta Said:

What are vocational skills?

We Answered:

Vocational skills are skills that you can use for a job right away with no training. These could include former child care work, typing skills, working with people, working with children, changing diapers, getting kids to eat, take naps, and behave. There are more but this should get you going in the right direction. Good Luck!

Jeff Said:

Is the Social and Vocational skills standard grade important?

We Answered:

yes, it can help in public speaking

Julia Said:

What pre-college classes would you college teachers suggest if someone wants to go to college?

We Answered:

I would definitely recommend taking as many English and writing courses as possible. It's astounding to see how many college students are unable to construct basic sentences, much less express their thoughts in writing to any adequate degree. The reading that you would do in those classes would also help you to become more efficient with studying in general. Plus, being able to communicate effectively (both verbally and in writing) is an important skill that will make you more marketable in any job field.

I would also recommend taking 4 years of math, preferable through pre-calculus/trigonometry (or alternatively, algebra II and statistics). You will probably have to take required math courses no matter what your major is, so having a good background is crucial. In particular, if you have some idea what you're doing already, you won't be as lost if you get stuck with a TA who does not speak English well, and thus may have difficulty answering questions. The same goes for science courses. I'd recommend taking at least basic biology and chemistry, but also physics or advanced bio or chem if you can swing it. Don't neglect the social sciences either, but you don't necessarily need to take a specific course sequence (though I would recommend taking a government or civics class).

The general rule would be to take as many challenging courses as you can reasonably manage. If you can take either honors or AP courses, even better.

Doris Said:

what are vocational skills?Why are they taught in Ghana,Africa as a major subject in junior seondary schools?

We Answered:


I think I can help you with this question. My son is a student in JSS1 in Tema, Ghana. Their vocational classes are primarily technical drawing, catering and computer sciences. Basic classes are English comprehension and grammar, natural sciences, mathematics (algebra), history/geography, health, physical education, French and the local language, Twi.

I'll run this past my son when he gets home from school (it's currently 4:20 here in Africa, and the day is a long one for JSS students). If I've forgotten something, I'll amend my answer.

Barb (an American in Ghana)

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