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Department Of Vocational Rehabilitation

Jack Said:

need help with career choices?

We Answered:

I suspect that because of the spinal injury, you might never regain full function, don't want to be doing blue collar work that would place your back under stress and risk of a re-occurrence. So that means you need some white collar work where the rehabillitation people maybe can help you get in the door, perhaps part time initially.

Personality and communication skills are important, can be worked to improve on, but more important is whether you can be good at whatever the work is, and someone can sell the potential employer on this.

Audrey Said:

Is the department of vocational rehabilitation good in NJ?

We Answered:

No VR is categorically good or bad - it is really about the individual worker assigned to you. There are good and bad in every state.

Stanley Said:

My rights when returning to work after disability? ?

We Answered:

The ADA doesn't require an employer to hire a disabled employee. It simply requires the employer to treat the everyone in the same way. so if the employer doesn't hire anyone who does not have recent experience, it is not discriminating.

Many other folks may not have recent work experience in a particular field - stay at home parents who are returning to work, workers such as yourself who took time off to recover from injuries/illnesses, retirees who want a second career, military veterans, etc.

In addition to taking the classes (which is a good thing to pursue), consider temp work, volunteer work, and/or part time work to build up your resume. All of those things will help to show recent work activity.

Good luck!

Alan Said:

What Are The Different Ways That A Person Can Be Certified As A PWD?

We Answered:

Why does it matter? If you already know answer to question why did you ask?

I think doctor is the only way that matters because you have to be diagnosed by doctor or psychologist or you can not be considered disable for other purposes. But it is called "diagnosis" not certification. Certified does not really mean anything.

Herman Said:

What are my rights when returning to work after disability?

We Answered:

Keep trying dont give up.

good luck

Robin Said:

hud programs?

We Answered:

Vocational Rehabilitation Program
Veterans and service members are eligible for vocational rehabilitation if certain conditions are met (check with the Department of Veterans Affairs or a Veteran Service Organization Officer). An eligible disabled veteran may receive employment assistance, self-employment assistance, training in a rehabilitation facility, college, or other training facility.

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