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Bureau Of Vocational Rehabilitation

Timothy Said:

I am running into a situation where i am being told by a lot of people that I should get disability because of?

We Answered:

Go to a specialist, the one, or ones, who diagnosed you. A primary care physician will usually not tell the truth anyway. I was born disabled, with Spina Bifida, Hydrocepalus, both hips dislocated, and Chiari Malformation, all of which should have entitled me to benefits before the age of 18, but because doctors wouldn't do what was required, and my father making too much money at the time anyway, I had to wait til I was 18 and apply, and was sent to one of their so called doctors who looked at me and said, get your benefits, you should have a long time ago. When you applied, did they tell you who to go to? Do they know your doctor will not sign off on your disabilities? If not, tell them right away.

Debra Said:

Did you all know that congress is trying to get money that will allow BVR ( Bureau of Vocational?

We Answered:

Sadly yes. They've already thrown out money designated for the arts.

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