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Florida Vocational Rehab

Carrie Said:

Is there any free help for people who live in Florida with major depression and anxiety problems?

We Answered:

Hey hun. with my recent er visit, and 2 seperate psychiatric hospitalizations, im in debt by a good 75,000 minimum. its horrible. thats after insurance ha. its crazy if you ask me!!!!!!! i odnt have a job, and hope to go to college soon, and so for now i go to MHMR, mental health, mental retardation. my services there are free of charge, and my medications will be free soon too. i am schizo-affective. google your city for MHMR clinics and you can get LOTS of help there :D psychiatrists doctors counseling etc its really helpful

Billie Said:

Has anyone ever been in vocational rehab?

We Answered:

They should be able to help you arrange for transportation; however, it depends on the agency your at and the policy of voc-rehab. If you are receiving services from a community mental health center, then they should be able to help you arrange for transportation. I suggest that you ask the person with whom you have been working.

Raymond Said:

I wrote this open letter to Florida vocational Rehabilitation , why don't they answer?

We Answered:

how long has it been?

i'm up to 11 months waiting on an NJ office....i even used certified return receipt mail

send it again--certified return receipt

you are near retirement age, they may use that as an excuse, but there is no excuse for not responding at all.

there really isn't any reason why the shouldn't help you with at least coaching and finding a job--ii doubt they would pay for hearing aids due to your age and eligibility for social security

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