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Of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Stacey Said:

For purposes of getting medicaid are you disabled if the state deems you so or do you have to be recieving SSD?

We Answered:

Medicaid is run on a state by state basis.

If you are on SSDI, and have federally been declared permanently disabled, every single state Medicaid program will accept you as disabled.

Some states ONLY accept you being granted SSDI as a statement of disability, but some states may individually agree to it. I don't know of any that do, though.

Texas, being one of the few financially solvent states, tends to not give welfare to able bodied people who are capable of working, unless there is a child involved. So yes, you WOULD have to be on SSDI first.

Texas, ALSO doesn't allow a prior employer to keep you from working for a competitor. So go ahead, and apply with competitors.

Marie Said:

Is it illegal to omit information when trying to get help finding a job?

We Answered:

I am an LD specialist (among other things, and have taught special ed teachers as well as LD students, and have worked closely with Voc Rehab quite closely for 15-20 years or so - I also have other degrees which allow me to teach outside the LD field.) The words you are looking for are Educational: Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or Medically a Tramatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Voc Rehab is very used to working with this type of injury as it may accompnay nearly any automobile accident, or any kind of head injury. In California is is acquired "pre-post-or peri birth -- that is, before, after, or during birth so you are covered.

Your social security number will tell them you have had a job, and thus are a liar. They don't have time for a liar. And you will get a LOT of lip service. And your file is often, by law, closed to you unless you hire an attorney -- difficult to do since both 94-142, section 504 of the rehab act of 1974 and the ADA have had most of their law extracted and written down from the codes written into the law.

Be honest. With everyone. If it is from Drugs you are not elegegable thanks to certain presidents we have had in the past -- more from one than another party, but both have participated to help cut the budget by helping you. Think of something that you were doing while loaded, and focus on that as the cause, since, in all reality, it WAS the cause of your head injury.

There are mild, moderate, and severe LD people, and it's not all tied up to IQ tests, there is always room to wiggle around that problem -- but what ever it is -- be clean, be polite as you can, and BE ON TIME!!!!

Remember your rehab worker is GOD. Worship them. They are the ones that are going to help you. When education is over -- often special education in college classes where your fear of being 'dumb' before is unfounded for most people will help you if you are trying -- you will NOT find yourself the butt of any more jokes than any other person on the job.

There are things called 'compensatory strategies' pioneered by a guy named Desler at the U of Kansas, and picked up by other programs around the entire united states. It is now THE Gold Standard.

There are (maybe were) monies and tax incentives to help rehab counselors like yours to motivate people to hire you -- like they don't have to pay parts of your taxes, or the feds pay part of your salary until you learn the job or your salary is super tax-deductible, or the state and feds share your salary for up to X years depending on a lot of different things.

But do not lie. Your SS number will list your job and your deductions. AND you may find yourself elegeble for things like low income housing, lower utilities, free buss passes, gas money to go to school and then get to your job for up to a fiscal quarter after you graduate - you may find that you get food stamps.

The job may pay lower, but with some benefits you might make more than you were, You are also elegible for state or federal medical care - and not to scare you, but if your memory is getting worse, you might well consider getting into a program just as fast as you can to take advantage of MRI's of your brain, because you well might have a brain tumor, or other disease which might be treatable if caught early. MOST ABI/TBI's are caused these days by drug use -- so that is what most people will consider, but there are many more causes, and report cards from your school will help your counselor better place you for higher paying jobs-- approachyour teachers and ask them if they would write a letter to your counselor explaining why they suggested Special Ed for you -- if you were ever in special ed -- it shows that 1) you were always this way or 2) something happened and you received and ABI/TBI. In third grade I was hit in the head by a baseball and knocked unconscious. With 5 master degrees and two Doctorates I spell at a grade level of 5.4 -- that means that I spell like a fifth grader in December. I also have trouble with math. Before computers I was asked to leave 3 graduate programs because my spelling was so poor, and my math skills were borderline.

If you go in and use the words "I am not retarded but I am Learning DISABLED (Handicapped means something else entirely) -- a professional will consentrate on the sub-tests.

IF YOU ARE NICE TO THEM. NEVER GET ANGRY -- SAY 'I AM GETTING FRUSTRATED, CAN I WALK AROUND FOR 5 MINUTES AND COMPOSE MYSELF?' Good counselors will let you -- and then bring them a CHEAP present -- no chocolate, but hard candies -- a SMALL BAG (let them find the dish to put them in), or some dried flowers 0-- a SMALL boqauet with an appology card thanking them. When they eat a hard candy they will think about you. When they look a the boquet they will think about you.

Thank people and they will do nice things for you. Head injuries are the most difficult to deal with of all the disabilities, and your friend will write

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Good atmosphere around the vocational rehabilitation service will of course give more confidence to the students that they must need to be a part of such services.

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