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Office Of Rehabilitation Services

Jesse Said:

Would someone explain the deductible/OOP?

We Answered:

Well done by Christine R.
You also need to know this plan is a Qualified High Deductible Health Plan which makes it HSA compatible. That means you can open a Health Savings Account and deposit up to $2,850 each year. The deposit is written off your taxes just like an IRA. If you spend the money on qualified expenses the account remains tax free. If you don't spend the money it remains in the account for future use. Qualified expenses include the decutible, dental, vision over the counter medications, etc.

This plan has a lifetime benefit of $25 million most other individual plans cap at $5 million

The HAS's actually cost me ( the broker) money. High deductible plans have lower premiums which = lower commission.
The HSA bank account provides no benefit to the broker/agent and saves the insured hundreds if not thousands over traditional plans. I suggest you learn about HAS plans if you are going to comment on them. I woul dbe glad to run you a quote you can use to compare to health link.

Delores Said:

help me with this urrgent!!?

We Answered:

I would re-post this question in another forum. Something regarding legal advice or job or tax questions - you'll likely get a better answer.

That being said, the question is asking if you have any of the following documents:
conditional certification for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit
Federal Form 9062 "Conditional Certification Form
Ticket to Work

It also asks:
if you received SSI benefits (social security checks) during the last 60 days
if someone from the state employment office or VA sent you to apply for this job

Carl Said:

I went to the state Rehabilitation Commission to get help to find work. The counselor told me that they :?

We Answered:

No joke. Vocab rehab is nothing but a tiny town within a fortitude wall where most people have to climb over only to find lack of help inside.

Here why!

According to my vocational rehab counselor told me, because someone come in a wheelchair doesn't mean they get vocational rehab.

They have what called a multiple criteria, if you have SSI or SSDI then this shouldn't apply to you since you get free service for being disabled. Having SSI or SSDI really does get you into vocab rehab, having without it take hard criteria.

I happen to have multiple limitation and have no SSI, I got approved for vocational rehab but end up getting lack of help. If you think I got in easy well maybe I should have been more grateful only to have my time wasted for lack of service.

Don't have SSI or SSDI, this should save you the trip. However, if you want to trade your time and have multiple limitation then see what your service is being offer.

Based from what I told you, you have been warned.

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