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Office Of Vocational Rehab

Margaret Said:

Why would Social Security hold a disabled adult's parents' income against them?

We Answered:

Its been a real fight for you to become independent hasn't it? I wish I had some advise to give you. Your situation is a hard one.

Are you working now? I don't believe you can receive any assistance as long as you are living at home, it's the same for a disabled person who is living with a partner who earns a decent income.

You are viewed as a "family member of the household" and the household income is what the decisions are based on.

The downside of course is that while shelter and food is provided you don't have any disposable income of your own and have to ask for an "allowance" or "spending money" and you are an adult of 25 and want to be independent.

Disabled people often fall into this trap, they are treated like children by their families and the Government.

Martin Said:

How do you get your State Reps to help you out?

We Answered:

write a letter to them detailing your situation but hand carry it in that way you might get a chance to speak with someone right away and if you are not able to you can leave them the letter and you dont have to wait for it to go through the postal service and guess if and when they got it.

I know many people who have had problems with the voch rehab program similar to yours. They owe the vets retraining if their disability keeps them from employment.

If you were injured working a civilian job you could sue and get retrained plus disability. They act like you are asking for something special when you ask for retraining.

At least you have enough pride to want to work and not just collect a check. Yet the goverment hands out welfare checks to people too lazy to work and unwilling to learn a trade.

Ian Said:

Why would quitting vocational rehab hurt your chances of getting SSI?

We Answered:

Not being able to work at the vocational rehab program should not affect your SSI at all. The length of time you work and how much you have worked in the past affects SSDI in that it determines how much you get each month based on how much you put into SSDI while you worked. But it should not affect SSI at all if you are eligible for SSI.

I don't have a job, haven't worked since my injury that left me blind, and haven't started voc. rehab (starting in August), but that won't affect me getting SSI. What did affect SSI was that I was with my husband who gets $45k a year (where it goes, I don't know...he lives paycheck to paycheck b/c he always spent it on frivalous things, and I only saw money for bills and groceries) that I am seperated from that ****head, I do qualify for SSI. So if you are someone's dependent who is outside the low-income bracket, then you won't qualify, but if you are in the low-income bracket on your own or with dependents of your own and have a definite disability, then you should be just fine getting SSI.

Ask at the SSA office just in case...they will know more than anyone on here, I'm willing to bet.

Dustin Said:

I've decided to sign back up with vocational rehab?

We Answered:

Why did you ignored my answer?

Vocational Rehabilitation is not helping you get SSI, they are helping you to get away from SSI or SSDI.

They will pay for medical records if they feel to test you for their criteria in getting Vocational Rehabiliation service.

You are barking off the wrong tree.

They don't sway SSI decision but they can influence Medicaid office for medical card (how effective is beyound me but I know it was done).

Joanne Said:

Has Voc Rehab ever paid to send you out of country to go to school?

We Answered:

They would if it was part of a plan that made living abroad an essential feature of your plan. Like you were studying to be a teacher of Japanese, or a Japanese translator, or a business with connections in Japan for a work study. Very limited reasons.

Charlie Said:

Does it seem like when you are disabled, it's sometimes best to apply for jobs independently?

We Answered:

Absolutely ! I dont know of anyone these agencies have found a job for, I dont believe they ever have. They are completely unable or unwilling to help people with physical disabilities only.

The only thing they seem to be able to do is place Disabled People who are severely mentally challenged in menial jobs such as sweeping floors and making bird houses in a "Special workshop" where they are paid 25 cents an hour and get a free lunch.

A complete waste of the tax payers money IMO

Kelly Said:

Why do certain disability support/adovacy group tend to dismiss disabled young adults who aren't independent?

We Answered:

Why don't you just try to get SSI, and the pay your parents "rent"? My mom gave most of it back to me when I moved out. What are your disabilities?

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