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Va Voc Rehab

Glen Said:

VA VOC rehab?

We Answered:

They only look at your GPA after the semester is over.

Good Luck!!!

Antonio Said:

If i am getting Voc rehab from the VA can i still get the GI BILL?

We Answered:

Yes, you still are entitled to your GI Bill, and you should have paid 1200 for it. As long as you dont get a dishonorable, then you are good

Juanita Said:

va benefits and voc rehab?

We Answered:

Contact Social Security and ask for an estimate of your benefits. Contact the VA and also ask about programs that may be available to you./

Claude Said:

Voc-Rehab Tutor for classes?

We Answered:

Talk to Student special services department at your school, also the special needs department at the school. I have supported both at my school as a tutor.

Vet-USAF / College student

@dded ; Also try Students with disabilities department

Cory Said:

VA Voc Rehab?

We Answered:

I 'believe' you have to be 30%. You need to get a VSO and get crackin on your benefits. And whatever you do, dont give up.

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Contact the VA and also ask about programs that may be available to you.