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Va Vocational Rehabilitation

Lori Said:

VA Loan Question for Self Employed?

We Answered:

Your income after expenses is an important number to answer this. It shouldn't be a problem that the company is in your name only. The VA loan eligibility is based on your income being high enough such that 41% of your gross income will cover all of your housing and debt expenses. This includes real estate taxes, homeowners insurance, car loans, and credit cards.

Do you know if the previous VA loan still exists for his x-wife? This probably won't matter for the prices you are talking about, but there is a limit to how much VA loan dollars can be borrowed at one time. The other VA loan will reduce the total left to borrow, unless that loan has been paid off, refinanced, or sold.

$140,000 at 6% for 30 years is a payment of $840 per month. Add a monthly cost for taxes and insurance. Add your monthly debt. Divide that number by 0.41. This is how much you both need to earn every month to qualify for a VA loan on this house.

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