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Voc Rehab Counselor

Kathy Said:

Do you think I should request a new Voc. Rehab. counselor?

We Answered:

Not only should you *insist* on a new voc rehab counselor, you should document all of the incidents that occurred with this one and file a formal grievance with her supervisor.

A voc rehab counselor is supposed to help you find a job within your abilities. She is also supposed to work within your schedule to find *mutually* agreeable appointment times.

If her supervisor does nothing, report it to the supervisor's supervisor, all the way up to the ombudsman at the department of health for your state. She's getting paid a decent salary to be helpful. She should be encouraged to either learn to do her job or find another one.

Francis Said:

The Voc Rehab counselor said I do not need to go to college -- I feel I do to be marketable as a civilian?

We Answered:

i went to Voc Rehab, was interested in several fields of construction that i was familiar with, materials estimator, surveying, and other non-physical requirements, they rated me as 100% Disabled and told the court that i had diligently tried to pursue all other forms of employment and education, but at this time we feel he is not able to proceed with Vocational Rehabilitation~!

edit: Ya, I am a Disabled Veteran myself, and i went through all the intensive supervised physical therapy and counseling, they dont just give you a disability check just cause you ask for it, i also take meds for PTSD~!!

potatohead is an idiot and would get slapped down if he talked his crap to a Disabled Vets face~!!!

so i had to check into on-line courses that you can qualify for a degree on-line~!

there are several qualified schools on line~!

Tina Said:

Have you ever heard of a Voc. Rehab. counselor saying they can't help a PWD to find work?

We Answered:

VOc rehab is a BIG joke.. They were paying for me to go to school. I then decided I wanted to go to work. My caseworker told me "if you find a job then call me and I will call the manager and tell him you are a client and put in a word for you".. If I have already been hired, then why the HEL L do I need you to call my boss and tell him I can't do the job he hired me to do.. What stupid morons.. It is their job to help you find a job.. they don't..but then they will quickly close your case and blame you for it IF you don't get a job.. They are useless..

When they paid for me to go to school, I had a letter from my MD that said I could not handle a FT case load and that it had to be PT.. they refused to pay for a PT case load.. So, I took FT case load and failed.. Then they griped at me for failing and refused to pay next semester.. They said it was the law that you had to go FT for them to pay.. BS.. My therapist went PT and they paid for hers. MO is part time. TN is part time.. They just didn't want to pay MORE for PT.. and it was more paperwork involved. My last caseworker thru them I asked about going back to school..he basically told me this: "you were too dumb to make it the other times, why should we waste money on you again.".. HONEST TO GOD. I don't know why they exist. can you request another counselor? go over her head and request to see a supervisor.. if that doesn't work, tell her to go to HEL L and close your case.. she's made up her mind that you are a lost cause and she will not help you. GL

Charlie Said:

What should I do about my Voc. Rehab. counselor telling me I'll never get a job because of my Tourette's?

We Answered:

Ignore your counselor, they obviously know nothing about employment law. Here's how it works.

Employers aren't allowed to ask if you have any disabilities unless there is a bona fide business reaon (ie. TV announcer who stutters).

If the employer even treats you as if you have a disability (and says nothing), you are protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means they have to provide reasonable accomodations for you to perform your job. Examples of reasonable accomodations might be a handrail in the office space of someone who has a permanent limp.

If you feel you're being discriminated against during your job search, contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Comission (EEOC). They take the ADA very seriously.

Alex Said:

can a vocational rehab counselor help you get some disability insurance?

We Answered:

They help you get training to find a different kind of job. They cannot help you get disability benefits, and they do not help you with medical needs. They set you up in classes on learning how to type, or operate ten key machines, or things like that.

Hugh Said:


We Answered:

Look into the new Post 9/11 GI Bill. You may be eligible for those benefits.

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Mrs DOE said:

I am assigned to the VOC Rehab program located at 1722 EYE Steet, NW Washington, DC. The counselors there are not skilled at all. I had a counselor emailing me jobs in Manson, OH and I live in the DC area, "what a long ass commute that would be" he then emailed me jobs requisitions that required a higher security clearance than would I hold. Anyone who lives in the DC area knows that employers will not pay/sponsor to get higher clearance levels, employers wants employees to come with full credentials. To top it off, I asked to be allowed to get certifications to accommodate my college degrees, so I can gain employment and my counselor denied it. Then he turns around and keeps sending me job requisitions that requires computer certifications, what a F**king idiot! No one cares... Then they want Veterans to work for free, as "Interns" without a salary. Hello!!! who's going to pay my living expenses???? Like someone else said "VOC Rehab is useless and the Government needs to shut the program down"!!!!

Kowolski said:

I have observed that most if the voc rehab counselors who work for the VA are not rehabilitation counselors who are trained to assist people with disabilities obtain a meaningful employment outcome be it by using knowledge skills and abilities or by obtaining higher education to gain the knowledge skills and abilities to obtain meaningful employment. They are either general counselors with education in guidance counseling or family and therapy counseling or even drug abuse counselors. True certified rehabilitation counselors are a rarity at the VA. Always ask to see some credentials. Certified rehab counselors have professional Code of ethics that basically says every person with a disability deserves the same right to meaningful employment as everyone else. The four essential Function of a certified rehab counselor are counseling, consultation case management and advocacy. They should be able to think outside the box and advocate for the disabled population not to tell them they can't go to school. They should give out the proper info do that the client can make a well informed choice of whether he or she wants to attend school .

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