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Voc Rehab In

Lance Said:

Voc rehab was in my favor at SS hearing.?

We Answered:

I worked in partnership with Voc Rehab for several years in transitioning high school students. The counselor assigned to our school would never say that they couldn't place a client who could use a computer and type as well you in a job.

As far as it being favorable, it is a function of DES telling another that you can't work, and that validates your need. Unless the case is that you don't qualify for VR and that's why they can't place you anywhere. In that case, it won't go in your favor.

Juanita Said:

anybody in voc rehab? If you are, did u apply for Financial Aid -FAFSA?

We Answered:

My husband did voc rehab and filled out a fafsa form. the fafsa paid the tution and the voc rehab paid the bills to allow him to go to college. If you use your GI BILL fill out the fafsa and do the same thing.

Jerry Said:

Should you apply for jobs on your own while in Voc Rehab?

We Answered:

Do it on your own! I used voc rehab, but they didn't help me find a job. I got that on my own and I am proud of it.

Sandra Said:

Will motorcycle dealers and repair shops hire mechanics with training from local Voc Tech school?

We Answered:

I am not to sure about the motorcycle industry but I went to a Voc Tech school and soon as I left the school the first dealership I went to put me to work. I was in the automotive industry. Once my foot was in the door the dealership even sent me for more training in a feild that they wanted me for. It does open up the doors and the school usually back up there graduates with endorsements. The catch is to go to a school that has a rep. There rep will open the doors for you. Plus score the best grades and rep you can in the school.

Marilyn Said:

i am about to start voc. rehab with the v.a. in tampa bay florida.?

We Answered:

If you are a quadriplegic then you could ask for a lap top with voice recognition software. There is no one menu of services for everyone, it depends on the disability.

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