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Voc Rehab Services

Lillian Said:

Can not find a job? Even with Voc. Rehab. Help!?

We Answered:

Mouse I was on the Queensland disability employment merry go round for 8 year before I found work. After 2 years if they had not found work you went to another agent.

Have a good look at your qualification and choose a career from there. Try volunteering to get in the door. Practice interview before going and be perpared for anything they can throw at you in words.

For me they pushed an extra mile with supported wages as I can take longer with doing jobs due to my paste.

Marshall Said:

Is Voc. Rehab. supposed to help you with transportation for employment?

We Answered:

they do help arrange transportation--but that can mean a lot of things--

for instance--if you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle they will help you pay for teh cost of teh modification

they shoudl help you sign up for paratransist

there is a possibility they will help with a bus pass--you may be eligible for a reduced fare

Kyle Said:

If I keep going to my job thru Voc Rehab but quit a program in my IPE, they can't close my case can they?

We Answered:

No, you're not doing everything you are supposed to if you drop out of this program. Talk to your counselor about it. Maybe there is another similar program, another location, another place. You are going to encounter people all your life that make you feel uncomfortable - maybe you need to learn how to deal with that.

If you are not following your IPE they have every right to drop you. If you find you need their help in a few weeks, months, years they might refuse to help you.

Danielle Said:

can you use voc. rehab AND gi bill?

We Answered:

you may use both. I believe however that it cannot be simultaneously.

I must say the friend of mine who did it did the GI Bill first and then Vocational Rehab.

Alex Said:

is it weird that my high school never referred me to voc rehab? im in a wheelchair and they told me to go to?

We Answered:

If you were in Special Education in the United States, and if you had educational need for support - There are Transitions programs that can help you in vocational schools and some colleges but not on that schools campus. There is also Rehabilitation Services that can help through typically a state agency.

It may be that you did not meet the criteria - people don't get services just because they are in a wheel chair and most colleges can provide some assistance under the ADA like copies of notes etc - IF you had a high school IEP that said you need it.

Virginia Said:

What do I tell the Vocational Rehab Counselor? (long, sorry)?

We Answered:

You tell them you were confused about whether you should apply for both or not.

And you should apply for both. You do not know if you are going to get SSDI/SSI or not and might not know for 2 years. For the next two years you could be getting a higher education, job training, and job assessments. Voc rehab could come to a conclusion than you are not a good candidate for employment and that would make a stronger statement to the Social Security Administration. You could try to work and find yourself successful and not need SSDI/SI. Or you could try to work and find yourself unsuccessful and that too would make a strong statement.

It really is a matter mostly of what your goal is. Do you want to be self-supporting and prefer to work or do you really not want to work?

Alicia Said:

Is the VA going to update Voc Rehab so the stipend is equal to the new GI Bill?

We Answered:

Wow,that's a tough one.

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