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Vocational Rehab Jobs

Edwin Said:

If a disabled person can only get jobs through sheltered/vocational rehab type of jobs...?

We Answered:

Depends on the disability. Is the employment sheltered or is it in the community? Some people receiving voc rehab services are not eligible for social security. It, again, depends on the significance of the disability.

Sam Said:

How can vocational rehab work for someone with mental disability?

We Answered:

My friend went through vocational rehab. He became a lab assistant. You can learn a trade that is right for you. I think you should ask for a cerificate program.

Amanda Said:

Why do they say that vocational rehab is noncompetitive, it's like every "normal" job is extremely competitive?

We Answered:

Noncompetitive employment means people are hired via a service provider and do not compete against people who are applying for positions from the "outside." They are not hired because they will do the job best, but because a certain agency has a spot for a person at that particular site. Some places employ people only noncompetively, some do both, and some only competitively.

Eduardo Said:

at my social security hearing the alj asked the vocational rehab said there was no jobs i can do?

We Answered:

Yes. If the answer was you are physically incapable of holding down any job you won. Expect a check in 6 to 8 weeks

Matthew Said:

Would I qualify for vocational rehab? (repst)?

We Answered:

Well your field isn't exactly hiring many people at the moment. Yes most of it is due to the economy. If you had chosen a different field, like engineering or medical, you wouldn't have trouble finding a job though. Many people have depression and some form of OCD. I am not sure if they will accept you or not. You might have to have a worse disorder for that and since it doesn't affect your work it's not so much a disability that voc rehab can help with. If the counselor is extremely sweet she or he might try to pull a few strings but it sounds unlikely.

Jill Said:

Is there a better vocational rehab program in New York City?

We Answered:

unfortunately VR is a state run thing. So, it won't change from city to city. However, once you graduate you will be able to get a job on your own and hopefully won't need them.

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