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Vocational Rehab Program

Louise Said:

What happens if someone offers you a job and you're already in Vocational Rehab?

We Answered:

I was with voc rehab when I got my job outside of them. They just made sure everything was good with the employer and that was it. They didn't step in and do anything else. The employer still gets the tax break as well.

Tiffany Said:

What course study to choose-Disabled Vet going into voc rehab program.?

We Answered:

First, This ol' Army Vet(1950's, 1960's,), from the bottom of my heart, wish to say : THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your service !!!
Now, as I read your condition, I have these recommendations, for you to consider IF you are good in math / the numbers.
1. Banking, NOT AS A TELLER, BUT AS A LOAN OFFICER, PROCESSOR, CREDIT EVALUATOR, ETC. 2. Accountant, i.e. C.P.A., 3. Insurance, i.e. agent , underwriter, risk evaluator, etc. 4. Investment counsellings, etc.
IF math is not your cup of tea, then how about, 1. one of the 'lesser math intensive' engineering degrees, i.e. : Geology, Seismology, Petroleum, Mining, 2. Agriculture / Agronomy ( there are now, a 'Bunch' of Agra degrees available.)
Not knowing which state you live in, I can suggest that you go into the Internet, select at least 4 universities from your state, go into their Webb sites, and look at the available courses.
Wright down all of those you might have an interest in from all 4 + universities, and look and think about each one over and over, do at least a cursory 'look into' on the Internet.

Alfredo Said:

Would you continue to go to a program where they never say your name correctly?

We Answered:

The simple solution is for her to tell them how to pronounce her name. If she won't correct them they won't know they are saying it wrong.

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