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Vocational Rehab Va

Antonio Said:

Help Finding a job!!!!!!!ASAP?

We Answered:

Ryan Said:

Which colleges have excellent Linguistic Anthropology B.A. programs AND Hindi/Urdu minors?

We Answered:

I know of excellent professors in both at Brown.

Laurie Said:

when will the new GI bill take effect? when can we apply for it?

We Answered:

It goes into effect on August 1, 2009 and covers any education received after that date. You cannot sign up for it yet, colleges are having a VA meeting in March or April to see how it will work out with having the VA pay the tuition instead of the student. Look at the VA website and it will tell you when you can apply for the Post 9/11 GI Bill.

Nathan Said:

What does 30% VA Disability get you?

We Answered:

go to and look up benefits and compensation tables with and without dependents. VA makes the determination, if you can, ask about a medical discharge to retain, commissary/px/bx priveleges. with out that, you only get access to VA and you might have some co pays at the VA. just to let you know. they do have COLA w VA disabilities and make sure you get all records, make copies for your self ,but get all records , military and CIVILIAN to the VA regional center for your area. Also, any veterans of foreign wars and local AMERICAN legion posts will work in your favor to get you the best % you deserve, do not discount these organizations, they know information and how to help you get your claim processed quickly and accurately. Also, please do this before out processing. you can do it as a part of out processing and do not overlook it. they want to see you and will help you immediately. it's the last thing before you sign on that dotted line in personnel outprocessing, cause then you are done after that. they will just tell you to go to the VA. the VA hires doctors to discount your claim. that's their job..... FYI... I'm telling you the truth... ... the claims do take a while, but, the good ol government back pays to date of claim filed. so you get a lump sum and then your monthly payments... not bad, eh?

Marsha Said:

VA Disability Claim Question?

We Answered:

ok it takes 6 months for the va to look at the paper work. also is the check he is getting acompo. check or pension check. also vocational rehab is for schooling but i will tell u this it is out of your pocket for the school the va will only pay if he attends one ofthere schools. and the course he quals for. ok all the va needs is the reports the va medical has done .and also the he has to talk to his va rep to makesure everything is done.i receive a 30 percoent disablity which they grated me for a pension instand of the compension check which the pension is more the the what he really needs to do is speak to his local va rep.and like i said it will take about 6 months. also as long as he does all his paperwrok every year he wil not lose his va benfits any ohter question please contract and
USN vet and receiving va benfits.

Nicole Said:

Registering with VA hospital.?

We Answered:

Just show up with COPIES of your records. You can call ahead but in my experience it is quicker if you just get there. It will probably take a while but it will be worth it. Do not miss any appointments they give you or it really complicates the process. Most VA hospitals have gotten much easier to deal with but they do vary. Check the site below. It's a state site but it will help. Good luck and God bless.

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