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Vocational Rehabilitation Jobs

Lewis Said:

Any ideas or suggestions for work-at-home jobs?

We Answered:

I know someone who had social anxiety and panic anxiety, but not all five put together. They started their own home based business in the telecommunications industry and make an incredible amount of income. They basically help people save people money on services that people are already using and paying for each month, help people on new services that they don't already have, upgrade and extend cellular phone contracts and put people on new contracts through one of the major cellular phone providers. The services that they deal in are local and long distance, Internet, digital and video phone systems, Satellite TV and again all major cellular phone companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Altell, Nextel etc. If you'd like more information to give to her, here's a web site that she can take a look at
I know this wasn't a part of the question, but you may want to check out this organization for programs that they have to help people in need. Between you and them, it might help her to overcome these problems, or learn to work with them and be able to feel like she's not hindered by her disabilities.

Gerald Said:

?Can vocational rehabilitation help me?

We Answered:

If its such a problem you may want to go talk to your doctor, there maybe more going on then just gas.

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