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Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

Agnes Said:

Would you agree that inmates with special traits can do repairs needed at prisons, saving tax payers money?

We Answered:

I recently toured a prison outside of Columbus Ohio and the inmates do all the inside repairs, maintenance, landscaping, cooking, cleaning, etc.

They also have an excellent program set up for them to learn job skills and career programs.
The warden told us that their recidivism rate has dropped to almost zero because of all the programs making the inmates ready for employment when they are released.

He said that they get 50 calls a day from other states on how to set up their programs for their inmates.

What these people needed was job/career skills.
What they needed was a chance.
I am so happy they have these skills, that means they will not be robbing a store, or killing someone for their wallet.

They will be tax-paying productive citizens finally.

Mabel Said:

Is the Bureau Of Vocational Rehabilitation a good program?

We Answered:

I would say no. This from a personal experience. I had the testing to determine if I had a learning disability. They said no.

I was also told by the neuropsychologist who ran the program that I would never make it in college. I did graduate college. Can you understand why I don't like Vocational Rehabilitation programs.

Joanne Said:

Vocational Rehabilitation Funding?

We Answered:

What state do you live in. I work for Voc Rehab in NC. We are designed to help people with disabilities go back to work. Usually when a client comes we request the document ion stating that the person has a disability. We will pay some medical bills pay for schooling and etc.

Ross Said:

Is there a place to go to compare technology for people with disabilities?

We Answered:

I am not sure where you are. But there are some really good Visual impairment aides, a friend of mine is currently using Victor reader stream, which he loves, he also use a number of other aids.

The Humanware web site is an excellent web site, and you can select the region/country your in, on the top centre of page. I also found another web site that may help too.

I use Read & Write Gold a computer program which has screen, PDF, and web reading, speech to text, Daisy reader, and many other applications too, (I have dyslexia).

Any books you have to purchase, can be put on a CD for you, electronic files of text or pdf, which the computer program above can read to you. So you need to ask if the collage/university can do this. Usually they have to have a copy of your receipt, and then send it off to the publisher stating that you have a impairment where you need the book on CD. Or the collage maybe able to scan the book in and put it on CD, but this is very time consuming for staff and they maybe reluctant to do this.

You could ask that teachers send out class handouts via email, a few days before class so you can pre-read it and print it off in a suitable font size if needed.

If the collage has a Disability Liaison officer they can help in getting the appropriate supports. Such as a note taker, classroom supports and aids.

I am currently studying at the moment, and have a number of aids, to help me when needed, the books on CD and the Read & Write Gold computer program are especially helpful.

Katrina Said:

After completing 4 years of College, will my SC Disability payments lower?

We Answered:

Your SC disability rating will not change because of your schooling. According to what your diagnosis and prognosis was when you were rated determines when you will need to be reexamed (have another C&P exam). Your rating can be lower if it is determined that your illness/injury has improved. Once you have had you rating for 10 years it can only be lowered so much (sorry I cannot remember how much - the brain is slipping) but after 20 years your rating cannot be lower, ever.

If you have 1 disabilty at 60% or a combination of disabitlities at 70% or above you can apply for IU (Individual Unemployablity). This means you have the same pay and benefits of a veteran rated at 100% P&T (Permanent & Total) except you cannot hold a job for more than 364 days a year. VA figures if you can hold a job for a year you are no longer unemployable. [There are some are points to it that are a little to complicated to get into here.]

Hope this helps.

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Understand rehab said:

I really appreciate entuziasm.I think both young people and adults should call this if they need help.

Professional Help said:

Hip Hip. I really agree with you. I thing is a big step. I would love to encourage young people to follow their way even if it is hard.

Vocational ART said:

I thought children won't react on rehabilitation, but when you talk about vocational rehabilitation, it makes me wonder if things could get better.

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Smells like rehab said:

If i were to go to rehab, i probably say no because once you go to rehab it is pretty clear that you have a problem you do not recognise. But i am sure my parents and friends would be there for me.

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Miriam said:

As far as I can see, the prison is not that bad. They manage and i don't think money are a problem. We should invest in people who live outside.

Rehabilitation Program said:

A vocational program is a good idea especially when you have problems. Rehabilitation could be the right decision. That's why i'm trying to tell everyone that if they have such problems they should join a rehabilitattion program.

Marianne said:

I agree, but this matter depends on the functionality of the system. There are places worse than everything, so I doubt this is always the solution.

Lucas said:

I think Prison is the worst thing ever. I know most of the people who get in there are guilty and probably deserve it, but the cruelty I've seen just visiting a prison is something I couldn't believe.

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