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Vocational Rehabilitation Service

Betty Said:

Do you receive services from Vocational Rehabilitation?

We Answered:

Give them a chance. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I think a huge factor is your counselor. If you feel you are getting the run around and you don't feel like you have been treated fairly, contact the supervisor of the office. If there is still no progress in your situation, contact your state senator. This will get things moving since the office will have to report your progress in writing.

Alfred Said:

Can I get Vocational Rehabilitation without being disabled?

We Answered:

I went through the Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services back in 1990 with the idea of receiving some training so I, too, could get back to work, landing a career someday and I went through the program never receiving a single penny in disability or rubber stamp of approval from social services; yet, I still had a disability and they were aware of it (They had access to all my medical records).

He should do what I did and just simply make an appoint with them. He just needs to remain strong and not let them put him into any old "bullsh*t" program because they will; if he lets them.

Edit: BTW, when I attended this goofy school, they had people from all over the country receiving vocational rehabilitation services due to traumatic brain injury. You might have to pay more but Woodrow Wilson Rehab Center in Virginia has claimed to be the best in the nation for traumatic brain injuries due to the extensive presents of the U.S. Military here in Virginia.

Todd Said:

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We Answered:

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Dana Said:

Question about State Disability Rehabilitation services/?

We Answered:

The purpose of Voc Rehab is to train for a new career and become self supporting. Most states offer a monthly stipend to cover basic living needs. You may also be elegible for Food stamps and medical assistance.
Check with your local Social & Rehabilitation Services Office.

Carole Said:

what kind of job can I get with a bachelor of science in rehabilitation services?

We Answered:

My guess is some place in rehabilitation services. This sounds like an excellent question to ask a faculty advisor or college counselor. They would be able to tell you for sure. If you have already graduated, you may want to ask an employment agency. They should be able to assist you as well.

Hope you find your answer,

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