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What Is Vocational Rehab

Rita Said:

What is vocational rehab?

We Answered:

A vocational rehabilitation evaluation will determine what other job/career you can be trained for taking your disability into account. They may also determine how much they are willling to pay at this point to have you retrained in order for you contribute to society. You may have to re-pay them for your training as well - they'll probably determine that at the evaluation as well.

They want you off the WC rolls and working so the rest of us don't have to pay your way.

Lynn Said:

A friend of mine told me that he's at a vocational rehab program and he said the program is horrible. He told?

We Answered:

I went through a similar experience as you and your friend, luckily I was able to escape to college but financially struggling. If he has another outlet to go to or other types of financial backing such as SSI or disability, then yes he could leave it.

Kim Said:

Do I have to pay taxes on money that I receive from working at a vocational rehab place?

We Answered:

There are several types of 1099. Not all 1099 income is self employment income. If your income is not considered self employment income, you don't owe any taxes if $1000 was your total income. I was unable to determine from the IRS website if income from a vocational rehabilitation facility is considered self employment income. I advise checking with a tax professional that can actually look at the 1099.

Ramona Said:

Will I qualify for Vocational Rehab and what will they help me with?

We Answered:

anyone with a disability qualifies--

but the level of service you qualify for varies--they don't just hand out tuition money---
they will do minimal things liek help you locate jobs--to training classes for jobs--helping with accommodations for the job....

they may try to martch you with a job that needs minimal training--not a full college education..

tuition is decided on an individaul basis--often fro people with physical diabilities that have minimal job outlook without college.....they might--but don't count on it

Ray Said:

has anyone ever been involved with vocational rehab?

We Answered:

My 20 yr old daughter is doing this now. Vocational rehab IS for people with disabilities. I am not sure if all places are the same, we are in GA. Each vocational rehab place is run by the state government. It is all free.

The first thing she did was call the job rehab place and they asked questions about her. They said she 'sounded' like a good candidate for them to help her, so they made an appt for her to come to talk to them. I went with her.

They talked a lot about her past jobs, how she was in school, what her problems are, what doctors has she seen, etc. They made copies of all her psychological testing she has had done in the past. They also wanted all her doctors, past and present, their addresses to get information from them about my daughter.

They asked what are her strenghts and weaknesses. They will find her a job based on what she will be good at doing.
The rehab place will get her the job and pay her. the place she will be working at will NOT pay her.
If she stays at the job for 90 days they will close her case and she will be considered a permanant employee of where ever she is working.
If for any reason she doesn't stay at the job, she comes back to the rehab people and they help her to get another job.
I think while she is working, the rehab just doesn't drop everything and do nothing else. I think they stay close and help all the time. I'm not sure though, my daughter hasn't got her job yet.

Before we left this meeting, they made an appt with a psychologist for my daughter to have an evaluation done. They said this HAS to be done so the rehab place will know what her exact problems are so they will know how to help her.
She had the eval done and now she goes back to rehab this Tuesday to go over the eval and see what she is to do next. Hopefully it is for them to get her the job.

All this has been a slow process. It's been 2 months so far. Go to your state department of labor website and search for ''job rehabilitation services''
Good Luck !!

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