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Trade Schools Montreal

Salvador Said:

Interest in schooling in Montreal..........?

We Answered:

The new culture, I can understand. But going to Canada just doesn't seem like "going abroad". Good luck Patrick.

Stephanie Said:

So I want to be a vet's assistant/technician?

We Answered:

You'll have to go to a CEGEP. I don't think any of the private schools offer the courses.

The CEGEP programs are 3 years, as I'm sure you're aware. The only one IN Montreal is at Vanier. There are some in the surrounding areas as well, for instance at College Sherbrooke.

None of the private schools I checked offer it. I looked at Lasalle, Inter-Dec and Herzing
Good luck.…

Alex Said:

What if there were a Video game called "World Trade Center-Knock 'em Down"?

We Answered:

No, they shouldn't. Especially since its based of someone else tragedy. All it does is desensitize people and inputs the thought of harming others,and in people who already are in that thinking mode it increases the desire.

Connie Said:

Moving to Edmonton need some help :(?

We Answered:

When I moved to Edmonton, I didn't change my medicare for 2 years, no one ever said anything ( I was from another Canadian province, too) As far as drivers license goes, you are suppose to change it with in 3 months of living here, but, again, I didn't change my license over for a year, and nobody really cared.
When I moved here I was 18 yrs old and had $700. Although I would recommend you save $1500.
You can take a trade at NAIT or Grant MacEwan. Both schools are super easy to be accepted into. Both have apprenticeship programmes so you can get paid to go to school, but I don not think you can do many trades with only grade 12. There are a lot of high paying construction jobs.

You could also work on the rigs, but would have to take a few courses first (but they are only about one week long)

If you don't know anybody to stay with while you are looking for a place, you can stay in the hostel downtown for super cheap…

Or try couch surfing

Rent: I pay $700/month for a bachelor suite. A one bedroom apartment would be around $1000/month. Of course you can always move in with someone that is looking for a roommate which would cut your rent in half.
Minimum wage is $8/hour, but ALL jobs here pay more than that. McDonalds pays $10.0/hr, and if you go further north, Some Tim Hortons pay $18/hr!! Very easy to find work and make money. I have been living here for 4 years and have saved up $10,000.00 and I bought a brand new car. I started with basically nothing.


Lewis Said:

What is the best trade school in montreal? I'm interested in becoming an electrician or cabinet maker?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Kathy Said:

Schooling in Montreal (where? and how?) . . . . .?

We Answered:

Come on , the girl means more than 30%. If you want to to mirgrate as a skilled worker, go as an electrician. You can always work maintenance at a factory when you get old.

Lance Said:

thinking of becoming a doctor?

We Answered:

Typically, it takes 8 years of college education to become a doctor. Classes are complicated and hard, I won't lie. I tried it and the competition was so cutthroat at my college I had to leave and went to my Plan B (which is fine, I liked my Plan B better, just isn't as lucrative).

My best advice for finding out this information would be to call up your local university, ask about financial help, and ask about any medical programs they have. Do this for all the universities and colleges in your area, ask if they know about a medical school in the area as well.

Don't forget, there's lots of credits you can get for WAY cheaper at a community college first, basic classes like maths and sciences, english, things like that. Be sure to make sure those credits can/will transfer to the college/university of your choice.

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