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Adult Education Vocational

Herbert Said:

University Application?

We Answered:

You should speak to your guidance counselor about the credit type for your school and for each of your classes./

Lorraine Said:

Is it worth it to go to University now?

We Answered:

If you're 21 years old and it takes you 4 years (1 for prep, 3 for a BA) that puts you at 25. Most people retire at the age of 65 (could be less, depends). From this point in your life onwards that means you could work for 44 years without a BA or 40 years with one, not much of a variation when you think about it.… gives stats about various salaries versus education levels, unfortunately it's in US dollars but it's a good link and has a great PDF attachment. Someone with a BA makes almost twice the amount as someone with a Highschool education (on average). Using the numbers in there, and assuming no taxes, and no career advancements / promotions / all the complicated stuff these are your two outcomes:

Option 1: no University
Years 1->15 ~$30k/year
Total for 15 years of work: $450,000

Option 2: University
Years 1->4: Costs you $25k/year: -$100,000 (DEBT)
Years 4->15: $50k/year
Total for 15 years of work: $450,000

For the remaining 30 years of work, that's a huge difference in your take-home salary, or $600,000 more for the person with the BA. There are many other more complicated things to factor in. For instance, if you are making $30k/year and your cost of living is $25k/year, the most you can save is $5k/year. However, if you're making $50k/year and your cost of living is $25k/year ... well that's a 5x increase in take-home salary. The link I gave breaks it down with all the nitty gritty differences, well worth the read.

However, that being said, it's important that you realize that getting an education in itself doesn't mean you will make more money. It means on the average people who do are able to do so.

However, if YOU want to go back to school, can afford / are able to do so for the time then the answer is a resounding yes. If YOU don't want to, and will hate every moment of it then don't. Only you know that answer. It's also possible that you're career aspirations don't involve positions that will require a university education (again, I don't know what those would be).

Finally, in regards to starting a family, what better way to meet someone than at University?

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