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Adult Vocational Schools

Pearl Said:

Whats a young adult in Canada with Asperger's Syndrome to do after highschool? Any transitional programs?

We Answered:

These answers were great. They are telling you that you need to advocate for yourself. If you need help, you need to ask for it. It's not like high school where everything is given to you. You are an adult now. So it is your responsibility. If you don't want to be responsible, then go to a special school. A special school will treat you like a child. I think everyone should go to an inclusive school because you will have to learn to be part of society in the future. But if you really can't handle it, I guess a special school will meet your needs and hopefully it will help you on being more successful in our society.

Victor Said:

What are the options for a young adult with Asperger's Syndrome to do after highschool in Canada?

We Answered:

What is his wishes? What does he like to do. My brother liked to work on things so he does pretty good with working on cars. You can find school that will accomadate his needs. First you need to find what he likes then look for the school. He may not want to go to school and do some sort of training program instead, I hope he has good luck.

Yvonne Said:

Are adult school classes tranferable to college?

We Answered:

Ah, my answer was going to be "not usually" but bridge programs are specifically designed to be bridges to college classes, so the answer is a definite "maybe". Why not contact a college you are interested in, and ask them. It really depends on the program and how it was set up, and who they have agreements with.

Paul Said:

how can i graduate a semester early?

We Answered:

I graduated earlier by taking summer and night school. In addition to that, took some classes that would give me more credits just to graduate when I wanted to

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