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Automotive Vocational School

Bruce Said:

i want to be an auto mechanic?

We Answered:

Check it....Almost all automotive involves a computer backround nowadays. Go get want you want but get the knowledge that can make it go futher.U CAN DO IT MIKEY!!..seriously...You can get what you want...just go about it the smart way. Take ur time, make it work. It won't be for anyone else but yourself in the end anyway.

Cecil Said:

automotive senior project?

We Answered:

Well you could get an old engine and put a smog system and new gasket set on it. That and cleaning it up would be well over 30 hours for most non professionals and it is also going to make the car less polluting and therefore better for your community. and you could also put a catalytic converter on it if it's in a car to be better for the environment and it'll add some time if needed.

Kyle Said:

What are basic things I should know to go into auto mechanic class?

We Answered:

First thing you should know if it is what you want to do!?
My father made me learn to be an auto mechanic 45 years ego, I did hate it but I stuck with it for 30Years!
When you are not sure than consider this: It is dirty, You will spend lots of time working under the car with your hands above your head looking up and trying undo corroded rusted in bolts and nuts. You will need to get your hand to places where it is nearly impossible. You will burn, cut, bump your hands, and they will be dirty most of the time. You will be always hurried because the customer needs his / her car back ASAP. You always need to keep up with the new models because there always something changing about them.
When you are sure that it is what you want than get some basic books about combustion engines and learn how it work. What is the crank shaft, the pistons and rings, the valves, the camshaft. what is a distributor, an ignition coil, the spark plugs, How the lubrication system is working in an engine. How the cooling system works. What is a carburetor? What is a fuel injection? How many different kind there are and how they work? What is a turbo charger?
What is a Clutch? A gear box. An Automatic transmission?
What is the diff, for?
What is and how work a drum brake, a disk brake? The hand brake?
What kind of suspensions are there? how do they work?
This are just the basics! And than there are Diesel engines, Rotary engines, Turbo engines. Now we will go towards electric cars with their Hybrid engines. The all kind of polution control systems, ect...Hope you are smart enough to chose your future trade so you will enjoy to do it day after day for the next 40 to 50years. Good luck my friend!

Karen Said:

I'm confused about my future? I dropped out of school last fall!?

We Answered:

At some point you're going to have to deal with the anxiety thing. And it's always better to do that kind of thing earlier rather than later. It only gets worse. If you're going to take a GED and then work on cars, who cares what people think of you? Do you want to be known as a good mechanic or a smart person? It seems from your question that you could use some help understanding who you really are and what you really want. Try the guidance counselor at school or the GED person you have already been talking to. And of course, parents always need to be involved with people your age.

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