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Brick Vocational School

Lewis Said:

What is a good pair of work boots for me?

We Answered:

Wall-mart has a lot of those kind of work boots, so does Kmart

Stacy Said:

Applied Studies Bachelors Degree Worth It?

We Answered:

It depends on the organization that you want to work for. Some organizations will take any Bachelor's degree as long as you have one to promote you to a higher position. The one drawback is if the position requires a certain major, then you wouldn't have that. Two year applied science degrees are not normally transferable at most 4 year colleges, but have you tried any online universities like Kaplan University? Many times they will accept courses that other colleges will not accept, then you could get a Bachelor's degree in business. Otherwise you could check with your human resources department or the HR department of other companies in your area to ask if the Bachelor's degree in applies studies would help you get a better position.

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