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Construction Trade Schools

Donna Said:

Aren't illegal mexican men taking all the construction jobs,and depressing the wage for that occupation?

We Answered:

that is unfortunately a VAST oversimplification of the problem...

the average home price in my area is FAR below national average but is still near 300k for a first home...

if you were to raise the construction costs by doubling the labour rate for construction... that would probrably triple or more the final cost of the home... (keep in mind all the suppliers of goods would have to increase THEIR payrates etc etc etc)

so now the home costs 3 times as much... and you make twice as much.. sounds like you are losing ground this way!!!

the bottom line is that nothing in economics is EVER simple... no illegal immigrants are NOT stealing the jobs from "honest hardworking Americans" the jobs they are doing are jobs most Americans dont WANT to do and certainly wouldn't want to have to pay that much to have done!!


you are right americans did it.. and the average size of a home was just over 1000 sq feet.. ...

we had a choice allow illegals to do the work and get more for less.. or stick with what we had small undersized homes that people could barely afford..

the answer to labour problems has NEVER been to try to cling to old tech... doing so leads your country into the past... the answer is to LET underdeveloped countries do the labour.. train your work force to do more tech advanced jobs.. instead of having them roof.. have them learn to be the construction manager.. or drive the heavy equipment.. teach them drafting etc.....

this is NOT the first time this battle has been fought.. when tractors came out they felt the same then... when migrant workers were moving across the country picking crops they felt the same.. etc etc etc....

bottom line is the only constant in life is change... learn and evolve!

Yvonne Said:

what it is the proceduring to go o Australia?

We Answered:

Australia has a restrictive and very strict points system. Contact the Australian General Skilled Migration Program website at…

Good luck!!! I used to live there and MUCH prefer England.

Alice Said:

Can anyone tell me any colleges that have any bachelors for architectural draftsman!?

We Answered:

I recommend you Department of Architecture , Berkeley.
On the link I have given ( berkeley department of architecture u will find all u need to know and more... )

Geraldine Said:

Need information on trainging for a construction worker for a male and how to apply and get started?

We Answered:

My husband is in residential construction. He just got a job with a company that was hiring labourers. He did that for a while, now he's working more on his own. He started at $10/hr, now he makes $19.50/hr. He's been doing it for 4 years. Eventually he wants to go to school to get his ticket, so he can be certified. Good luck.

Mark Said:

thinking about going back to school. I am a 30 year old man who has worked construction as my trade for many?

We Answered:

Perhaps a perfect degree for you would be a BSIT in Construction Technology/Construction Management. Or take a degree in general Industrial Management/Supervision

There are several such programs available with full-time, part-time, 2+2, or combined online/campus programs.

You can find them listed on the NAIT website.

Ida Said:

how do i start to get rich in construction?

We Answered:

Most like you friends dad start out in construction, may have worked two jobs, save money, and invested it wisely. At some point he likely became a salaried construction managers or a self-employed independent construction contractor. Self-employed contractor can make good money in construction,

Suggest reading Occupational Outlook Handbook, listed in the sources below, especially
Construction Managers, on the Internet at

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