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Charlotte Said:

Moving to USA from Germany, what do I have to look out for?

We Answered:


Much of my answer was written with the assumption you would move to the USA in the immediate future and would not have enough time before leaving to complete the college application process. You probably have time to apply to colleges before leaving Germany if you want to start school in June, and definitely if you start in August.


Before leaving Germany, get official copies of important documents, such as your birth certificate (if you were born in Germany). That includes official copies of the transcripts from your high school and vocational school. Also get the addresses for requesting transcripts. The colleges you apply to will probably require that copies be sent to them directly from the high school and vocational school. Some employers also require that. If there is a fee you might want to purchase Euro money orders before leaving Germany to include with the transcript requests.

Most colleges require an SAT or equivalent for admission, but it does vary from school to school. The only way to find out for sure is to ask the school. Check with the US Embassy or nearest US Consulate to see if you can take the SAT before leaving Germany. US military bases with high schools for dependents give the SAT and you may be able to take the test that way. If not, ask a college admissions office where you can take the SAT in the USA (if required).

Large colleges and universities tend to be very bureaucratic. There is a good chance your application will be routed to the international students’ office because of your German high school. US citizens are NOT international students in the USA, so don't let yourself be processed as one. Also don’t mention being a dual-national when applying – it will confuse things.

There is no limit on the amount of cash or negotiable financial instruments (like travelers checks) you can carry into the USA, but you are required by law to declare any amounts of $10,000 or more. However, the money will be safer in a bank account. You can transfer the money to an account in the USA once you have one. Another option might be to put your funds in a USD account at an American bank in Germany IF you can simply transfer your account from the branch in Germany to a branch in the USA:

An example is CitiBank:……

Regarding jobs, check all the usual job boards and the daily newspaper. Colleges usually keep a list of jobs, and the language department may know of positions for someone who is bi-lingual English/German. Another option is to check with large hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton - you may be able to line up a job in the USA before leaving Germany.

Good luck!

Earl Said:

What kind of rash is this and how do i get rid of it?

We Answered:

It appears to be a fungus... just like jock itch or athletes foot. There are about 3 or 4 different products that you can use. I get mine at wal-mart as a generic (walmart) brand as they have a large tube and it is much cheaper.

I used the liquid and they worked much better than the cream but you may not be able to find the liquid type. You will need to wash and dry ( I used a hair dryer on medium heat) then apply the ointment. You will have better results by doing this 2 times a day.

There is Micanozole, (brand name Micatin) ; Tolnaftate, (brand name tinactin); and a couple of others I can not recall at the moment. Different fungi will respond differently to each of these products so if you have little or no improvement with one product switch to another for a week or two unitl you find one that seems to work well.

You will need to use these on a very regular basis and not go more than a day without treatment. You will need to use the product at least a week or two AFTER the redness goes away. If the rash has turned dark this will take some time.

If you still have a prescription available to refill I would be very likely to go that way and be sure to use the bathing, cleaning, drying schedule to assure a cure. There are also some anti fungus powders that may help prevent a re-occurance after you get the rash cleared up.

I have trouble with these fungus / rashes that start showing up quite regularly and I hit them with the creams for a few days and it knocks it right out.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Alberto Said:

Going through a lot of significant life changes in a short amount of time?

We Answered:


From the way it sounds, it seems like you're just proud of what you've accomplished. So I wouldn't say you're self-centered, just self-satisfied. Enjoy the time you're feeling positive!!

Mattie Said:

what are the best architect public universities?

We Answered:

UCLA has a good program. but why are you limiting to public universities only? with your gpa, you could go to a private school that has a big endowment and good financial aid and scholarships -- like princeton, columbia, yale, harvard, penn, MIT, rice...

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