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Janet Said:

can i get money from the military?

We Answered:

It sounds to me a few steps or things are missing here. Now what kind of disability does this friend of your dad have. Also is this his real dad?
If his real dad was killed while on active duty then he as a dependent child rates this money and school. If this is his dad and he himself was injured to the point were by he is getting up to 100% then his child rates the schooling and money. As for the school supplies it does apply to certain personnel. Each state has there own rules for those born in there state and if his parent was or is in the service. This something the VA can point out and help with in your local area. It is not thrown around like dirty laundry one has to look and find these things.
Did your dad come out of Nam with any kind of disability? I'm sure at least he was honorably discharged and would have had the old Vietnam era bill. I do and there are still lot of them out there. Right now we have one going to school and each month he gets a check($875.) he goes through it like water through a funnel)not from the military but from the VA and because he is in the is state born on top of it hey pay his tuition. He has to buy the books or tools. By the time you get out of HS it could be at least $900. our daughter only got just under $8 and that was three years ago. My wife should be getting a hers soon have to check on it. She has started back to school for he BSN.
Good luck but check into things a little more.
You for sure don't want what I had to get this. I put in my 20 almost didn't make it

Annie Said:

Latin American Free Trade Agreement question?

We Answered:

I don't think is dead, it may have had a rude awakening but by the way you ask sounds you wish it was different so that's a dream.

What i find interesting is that social programs seem to be fine as long as you are doing it to help big business.

Ron Said:

Where can I find some free service that can help me find the best college (CC/Univ?) for an adult like myself?

We Answered:

If you have a local career center or searching online helped me
Also do a search for universities in your area and call them with your basic questions. Ask for the admissions office.
Thats where I would start.

Stacey Said:

when was the first hair salon founded?

We Answered:

If you have cosmetology book(which you should) It should be in the History Section, In the beginning of the book.
The egyptians were the first to do make up and Hairdressing, over 6,000 years ago....The First Hair salon was a barber shop, before even the Victorian Era.

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This something the VA can point out and help with in your local area. It is not thrown around like dirty laundry one has to look and find these things.

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