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Hvac Vocational School

Calvin Said:

The starting hourly pay for a entry level HVAC technician?

We Answered:

lol well my friend works for a company and has 3+ years out of highschool and still only makes $10...some of my other friends work for larger companys and do pretty well for themselves id say anywhere from $400-$800...and they all have stories from bosses not wanting to pay them enough to bosses paying them $1000 a week then cutting it down to $400 from hard times...its a given on how much you know how far you will get and earn also depending on that company...its a plus to have highschool trade of hvac u will get a job anywhere from $10-$14 depedning on what you know and what company u will choose to work for..the larger the company the more you will more likely make more then working for smaller independant mom and pops hvac companys

Lori Said:

Is distance learning effective and/or worthwhile?

We Answered:

Well, distance learning can be effective and worthwhile, but it is largely dependent on what you are studying. If you were working on a degree, say, in business or theology or something you can get out of books, then yes, distance learning is a great option for those that have to work for a living or are a distance away from quality universities.
But, in my opinion, something hands on like the HVAC field would require hands on training. At some point during your training it would seem to me that you would need to be on campus to get your hands on systems and machines.
If I were an employer, wanting to hire someone for either maintenance or installation, I don't think I would hire someone that never touched a machine in their training.
Same for your own business. you have to ask yourself if it were august, and 112 outside, would you want someone coming to your house, charging a fortune for an emergency call that had never actually worked on an actual system in their training.
Just my opinion, of course.
Bottom line, I think the ideal situation would be a combination of both. Some type of tech school that would allow you to do classroom work online or something, then would also require you to show up for "lab" time and put what you are learning in to practice.

Christian Said:

find vocational schools that offer such things as plumbing, electrical wiring, carpentry,hvac, masonary?

We Answered:

Type the kind of schooling you are interested in in the search bar plus the state & you will get schools that teach that speciality in your state. Use your city too if you want to be more specific.

Either that or look in the phone book under SCHOOLS & UNIVERSITIES and find vocational or technical school category.

Mike Said:

what is the best college for heating, ventalation, air conditioning, refrigration (HVAC/R) ?

We Answered:

SUNY canton

Doris Said:

Is distance learning effective an/or worthwhile?

We Answered:

Nationally recognized doesn't mean anything. It should be an Accredited school that offers the course. The website lists a lot of the accrediting agencies:

Rodney Said:

1997 Civic A/C PAG oil?

We Answered:

If you're using 134a Pag oil should work fine. Nd is just Jap brand name. Used it in many Hondas in my career

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If you're using 134a Pag oil should work fine. Nd is just Jap brand name. Used it in many Hondas in my career.

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Distance learning is effective. It will help you to get a better position in your job. Getting a higher degree will always be beneficial for your career. it is not that costly too.

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HVAC technicians are getting a lot of demand on the market now. The number of training centers is also on the increase. I think getting training in the course will be really valuable for the students as well as the young technicians.

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