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La Vocational School

George Said:

Name a college in Long Beach/LA Cali, (needs to be 4-yr)?

We Answered:

The website "" will list all the universities in California and give a detailed description of the (astronomical) fees and tuition, and a brief syllabus of the major courses of study.

Please note that most Californians (except "West of Encino") consider the term "Cali" insulting because it compares our state and its citizens to a drug city in South America. It is used as a put down. The ONLY ones in California that says "Cali" are the ones too young and ignorant to understand where the word came from.

By the way, Eliza Dushku is not an Armenian. She states that her heritage is English, Danish, and Albanian.

Samantha Said:

A question for Audio Engineers and the people who hire them...?

We Answered:

Pro Tools is a wonderful software. I would start off by joining an audio community - for people who are just getting their feet wet, it's a great place to go and ask questions and learn stuff about recording. They can even tell you which schools are the best. check out: - which is an established forum created by LARS graduates, and some of their professors.

Hope it helps!

Salvador Said:


We Answered:

Just the name of the school sounds like one of those private overpriced for-profit tech schools (and the course credits from those private $$ for-profit tech schools do NOT usually transfer to other schools). Perhaps there is a community college in the next county over to you. You're right about those online, for-profit schools (though may have 'brick and mortar' buildings and may be 'accredited') such as penn foster, ITT tech, strayer, university of phoenix, kaplan ando thers as they are merely out to 'make a profit' (and course credits may NOT transfer to other schools). These consumer sites have negative posts about those online, for-profit schools: and can type into search.

For US colleges (including community colleges):

This site is supposed to have accredited programs in computers, technology and engineering:

For general career info: and can type into search.

Erik Said:


We Answered:

You can get your LVN license first. Then you can go to an LVN-RN accelerated program. That way you can start making money and pay for your schooling. Browse the link below. Community colleges also offer a two year associate degree in nursing (ADN) program which will prepare to become a registered nurse. You basically can become a RN with an ADN degree.

Paula Said:

what should i do/go about this!?!? please read!!!thanks!:)?

We Answered:

Wow, that was a Really LONG question, just sayin. Anyways, it seems to me as if he still likes you. He wants to go to the movies with you, aim you, and talk to you in person at this beach place that you spoke of. It means he wants to get to kno you better. Which can mean know you in a relationship way, to see if your the kind of girl he would want to date; or in a friendship way. All you can do is just tell him how you feel. Building a relationship with somone comes with risks. You gotta be willing to open yourself up, be vulnerable for a few secs and tell him how you feel. I would advise waiting to ask him in person, but if you don't see him and your a shy person, you can aim him.
I can't tell you what to say, all i can say is what you should do. And that is to tell him you feel.

Hope this helps, if not, let me know why it doesn't so i can help out differently.

Discuss It! said:

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