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Licensed Vocational Nurse Schools

Veronica Said:

If I got to a school for Vocational do I get Licensed?

We Answered:

licensed vocational school and vocational school are the same thing. after you complete the required courses you apply to take the NCLEX exam and then you become licensed by the state

Kelly Said:

I'm thinking of going to school to be an Licensed Vocational Nurse.?

We Answered:

If money is an issue than get your LVN. Then when you are able go on to get your RN. Many hospitals, especially those in major metropolitan areas, will assist you in taking course and actually will pay you after you successfully complete the course of study. By all means though, if possible, set your sites on being a RN rather than an LVN or LPN as they are better trained, have increased opportunities, and unlike LVN or LPN can pretty much travel the world. Finally, to work in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit or a Neonatal Unit or to take care of infants with problems you will need to have the RN after your name. There are community colleges that will allow you to get your LVN and then continue to work on your ADN toward your RN. Good Luck!

Eduardo Said:

How long do you have to go to school to become a LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse)?

We Answered:

one year to a year and a half.
But if u want to become a nurse u should go for the highest paying one. A RN, then you can make more then 40 dollars a hour.
To become a RN it's a 2 year program and you have to take some general ED. classes prior to the program. It takes longer but it's way better.

Cindy Said:

should i go to a vocational school to become a nurse?

We Answered:

Try this: first get your license and go to work. If you like it that much and want to work your way up and get a "real" degree, then you can continue to work and go to RN school.

Jose Said:

what does it take to be a Licensed Vocational Nurse?

We Answered:

The program I taught in was 1 year in length for LPN. It is a lot of content in a short amount of time. Be prepared to spend a lot of time studying. Good luck!

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