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Licensed Vocational Nursing School

Crystal Said:

Any Licensed Vocational Nurses?

We Answered:

umm my wife is it took her about a yr but that was 8yrs ago and the cost was around 3grand 8yrs ago. good luck. oh yeah the job placement is about 90%. salary depends on location..

George Said:

Do you have to go full time to be Practical Nursing?

We Answered:

i'm going through it right much info to serious...i'm attending a vocational nursing school...its full time, 5 days a week, mon-fri. right now its one day of clinical in a couple of weeks its gonna be 2 days of clinical and the rest of the days is class, which is about 6 or 7 hours depending on when she wants to let us out...but the course im taking is only 11 months long..sept.-aug. although i am going to a vocational school, i'm still getting my LPN...LPN/LVN are the same thing...just depends on the state you are of luck to you...

although i don't know where you are from i will give you the link to my school just so you can get a general idea..…

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