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Medical Vocational Schools

Lucy Said:

Please help, especially if you have gone to medical school?

We Answered:

You don;t need to go to vocational school in order to get into medical school. What you need to do is the following:

1) Do well in the sciences and your other classes so you can get into a university

2) Study hard for the next 4 years. Most premeds tend to major in Biology because the major coincides with the premed requirements.

3) Research the different medical schools and chekc up on their requirements and averages

4) Take the MCAT

5) Do well on interviews

6) Get accepted!

Hope this helps!

PS: There are scholarships for nurses. You might want to try something local before looking for regional/national scholarships!

Diana Said:

I just finished a Medical Assisting program through a vocational school and received my certificate,?

We Answered:

congratulations....... that's a good thing to celebrate right...

well to start sometimes is not as easy when we learn about the theories, but believe in yourself that with your talents you can work better than any others......

be proud of yourself and live life to the fullest.

life's good

Jacob Said:

Is it possible to become an RN after going to a vocational school to become a medical assistant?

We Answered:

Of course! You just have to keep going to school, and it takes a little longer is all.

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There are many Vocational schools in town. Most of them are actually Vocational HIGH SCHOOLS, because the students are divided into different designs of high schools after getting an entry examination.

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