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Michigan Trade Schools

Herman Said:

Phlebotomy technician certificate in michigan?

We Answered:

Check your local community colleges. Perhaps check with their continuing education department.

Carla Said:

im looking for a college/trade school to study vetrinarian technician or pet grooming?

We Answered:

Petco has a paid intership for grooming, see if there is one in your area and if it has an opening.

Catherine Said:

Is there a school in or around Detroit, Michigan I can go to become an electrician?

We Answered:

I don't live there but if I was to come to your town today and I wanted to go to a school that teaches people to become electricians, my very first call would be to the local electricians union hall they can tell you, and it is a better bet than going some where that they aren't going to give any credence to.

Connie Said:

i am lookinig for automoive trade school in detroit michigan?

We Answered:

Although I could not find you a direct automotive trade school in Detroit, I found a website you can look at to see trade schools throughout the United States, including schools in Michigan.

Christian Said:

Has anyone ever heard of a occupation called Medical Office Specialist?

We Answered:

Two *very* different occupations! MOS is essentially a receptionist position. You make appointments, retreive and file records, keep doctor's schedules for them, greet patients, get patients to fill out first-time and repeat-visit paperwork, and collect co-pays. Except for the terminology and the fact that there are doctors and sick people around, it's much like any other office job. Pay is usually in the $10-$15 per hour range.

MA is much more involved with the medical side of things. Depending on your training and the terminology of your employer, MA may in fact be Physician's Assistant, which requires a lot of training. MA is usually less skilled and technical, though; you do help with the patients, but don't give shots, apply bandages, etc. You are there to help the physician, nurse, medic, etc. by staging supplies, handing them things, etc. Pay is better than for MOS, usually in the $15-$18 per hour range.

The most important thing for you to consider is what you enjoy doing, and whether either position will prepare you for any different career you might already be considering.

Good luck.

Christine Said:

What are some nail technician schools in Michigan?

We Answered:

Check out Beauty School Directory ( to find cosmetology schools in Michigan. You can search for cosmetology schools by program and they have nail technician schools on their website. The site is really easy to use and you can actually request free information from any of the schools that look interesting. Beauty School ( is similar and may be able to help you also.

Also check out My Social Beauty ( Its the beauty social networking site for the cosmetology industry. You can connect with other beauty students, teachers and professionals and it has tons of great articles and beauty advice by Kimberley Bosso and other beauty celebrities and beauty experts in the industry. I use it often! You can search for top cosmetology schools as well.…

And one more helpful thing. If you have any questions about cosmetology school - programs, tuition costs, salaries, careers, you can find answers to all your beauty questions here.…

Hope this helps. Good luck to you!

Good luck!

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