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Nashville Vocational Schools

Marion Said:

I am looking for a freind from high school.?

We Answered:

Have you tried You can look there using the name you know, school, and any known areas she is living or has lived.

Reginald Said:

To flea with love or play it safe and stay?

We Answered:

My dear, follow your instincts, do not move out of state with this man. You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders, so listen to your gut and do not go out on a wim. You are young, you have a plan, do not let someone mess that up for you. Stick with your plans, if he can not go without you for a year, then I suggest he stays close to where YOU know you are safe. Please take my advice. Do not let him talk you into this. Your parents may be strict and a little mean but hun they are only trying to protect you. Life is not greener on the other side.

You do need to learn to be on your own and experience life, but honey it is always nice to have family around when you are down and out. I live far away from my sisters and only wished when my heart is broke or life is not going right that I had them close to me to hold me and say everything is going to be alright. So, take baby steps, don't rush into a drastic move, way away from your family. Please listen to my advice and stick to your original plan, it sounds like an awesome one, don't let someone take that away from you.

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