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New York City Vocational Schools

Kimberly Said:

Question about joining the Navy?

We Answered:

1. 21 is not too old unless it would bother you possibly having to take orders from somebody younger than you. I was in boot camp with guys 26 years old. However, the average age is about 19.

2. You shouldn't have any problems signing up as long as you have a high school diploma.

3. Not all jobs in the Navy are on a ship. I know some people that have been in the navy upwards of 6 or 7 years and never set foot on a ship. However, if you're active duty, you will be stationed at your duty station year round except for your 30 days leave you get each year. You get to fill out a "wish list" of where you'd like to be stationed, but that's just it... a wish list. If they have a need for your specific job there, you might just get it. Chances are though, they'll just stick you wherever they need you.

4. For the benefits, I would just look on their website. It'll give detailed info. Long story short: 100% medical, dental, and a life insurance policy. Plus, you get to put "navy" on any resume you fill out for a job. They tend to like that.

5. You get to pick your job going in as long as they have opening in that field. If there are no openings, you'll have to pick something else.

Also, don't let anybody tell you what job to do. Enlist for whatever you want to do. Chances are, the person that told you subs are the way to go have never even been in the Navy, let alone on a sub. And DON'T just settle for a job because the one you want isn't open. Wait for it. You'll be spending the next 4+ years doing whatever you pick, so make sure it's what you want.

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