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Nj Trade Schools

Claude Said:

University vs Trade School .. HELP?

We Answered:

The first year is like high school, only you are doing things that are ten times harder and marked even harder than that. First year is a wake up call as to how relaxed high school was.

It looks like you are fairly educated and want a position above junior (fill in the blank) or entry level something. The reality is, if you want a high paying business job, you have to go for an MBA. However, some universities offer BBAs, which are essentially the same thing. One thing you'll find in the real world, however, is that everyone who's working above you will have an MBA, and that's a little piece of paper that will be holding you back. Find a way to get it cheaply and you'll be making above that 40K cut off point for BAs. (The top bosses usually have MBAs or PHDs, multiple certificates from other management schools and an insane work ethic). Wishing you all the best!

Grace Said:

trade school VS university .. HELPP!?

We Answered:

Ok my thoughts on trade school is that its a more specific school meaning that you dont take a lot of the gen eds and stuff that you would normally take at a university. Devry or ITT tech are good examples of tech schools, they teach you to a curriculum that future employers are interested in. I've also noticed that these schools are super easy to get into...ITT asks that you have a 15 on ur ACT and i believe a D- gpa. Universities have a broader range of majors and give u more a option on what classes u can take. Univerisites cost more money and u wont get the one on one that u have in a tech school.
If youre looking for a good tech school try Devry or Baker College

Catherine Said:

I live in NJ and i'm wondering, are there any trade schools where you can become a 2nd grade teacher?

We Answered:

No, to get a teaching certificate in NJ you must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.

Eva Said:

Any other grant options?

We Answered: - it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Marsha Said:

moved out of nj..A warrant for my arrest for not paying child support.....but i am not a criminal.i need help.

We Answered:

Your are not a criminal, but you cant run away, because your problems will esculate....

Go back home to your mother, ask hr for help, keep working, and tell that silly ***** of an ex to stop f***ing your life up or she wont be able to get another cent, because she keeps making you loose your job!!!!

Irene Said:

Relocating to Ft. Worth, TX?

We Answered:

Fort Worth is a really nice "small" (only about 600K residents) city. I have lived/worked in both Dallas and Fort Worth and can tell you that FW is the much more laid back and less pretentious of the two. Unfortunately, it is not a good market for my field of work (advertising/pr/marketing) so I've put down roots permanently in Dallas.

That said, I love visiting FW and would highly recommend that you visit Sundance Square (downtown FW) as often as possible. It is loaded with restaurants, clubs, shops and theaters as well. All parking is free after 5pm on weekends. Unlike Dallas, FW has taken great pains to preserve its historic buildings, so downtown is loaded with all sorts of renovated art deco buildings from the 1920/30s.

I worked for an ad agency downtown and loved being able to work from the office to lunch in literally 5 minutes. Unlike Dallas, it also has a very vibrant downtown during the day (and at night). The people are friendly and during the summer I really enjoyed all the women wearing short summer skirts:) Unfortunately, not to offend at all, but if your husband is military and you work retail, living down is probably out of your price range. They have built many lofts and apartments around Sundance Square, but they are very high end and very expensive.

Other places to visit are TCU (if you/your hubby are into college sports) for a football game, the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and the Stockyards; even if you're not into Country/Western music, the latter is still a place to visit at least once. Just remember that it is very "touristy" in some places. There are a huge number of pubs, clubs and restaurants of all types. I've never been, but I hear that the Fort Worth Cats minor league baseball stadium just north of downtown is really fun as well.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you visit Kinkaid's Meat Market on Camp Bowie for one of the best burgers around (they received the "Best Hamburger In America" award a few years back). It used to be a real meat market in the 1940s. Just know that the line can be long if you arrive at peak lunch time. You will eat with business executives in suit/ties and ordinary construction workers in blue jeans. If you're in time, you'll find a seat at one of the picnic tables inside, otherwise, you'll have to stand and eat at one of the old-time counters.

And if you like BBQ, be sure to visit Angelo's or the Railhead. Both offer some seriously tasty BBQ and very cold beer. In particular, the Railhead is very popular for happy hour after work.

Finding office work downtown would probably be your best bet. The most retail is probably at Ridgmar Mall in SW Fort Worth. But of course, I'm sure there are plenty of opportunities in both areas around town. As for an art school, I'm not sure if one exists in Fort Worth proper. My suggestion would be to call the Dallas Institute of Art (in Dallas) and ask if they have a FW campus. As a Ad/PR professional with 20 years experience in the field, I can tell you that their art program is well-regarded.

And finally, don't worry too much about the politics. We have our share of nut-jobs on both sides of the aisle, but don't bring up the subject unnecessarily and you'll be fine. Unfortunately, Texas is right in the "buckle" of the "Bible Belt" so you will probably hear a lot more about religion on some level than in Jersey. We probably have more than our fair share of evangelicals; just remember that they are only one part of all the wonderful people who make up our great state.

As a whole, we are very friendly here in the Lone Star State. To quote an old saying...we'll leave the porch light on for you and your hubby.

Hope this helps!

Nicole Said:

Why are most Massage Therapy Classes at night/weekends, or in areas where no one can get to?

We Answered:

You are absolutely right to consider things like transit time in your choice of school. That's a completely reasonable thing to be worried about.

Although the NYC metro area is pretty well served by trains and etc., the areas you're talking about - Morristown, for example - are far more suburban, and part of that, unfortunately, is fewer options re: public transit.

Are you directly on a train line? Directly on a bus line? If you are, then focus on schools that are in towns that are major transit hubs which are linked to on your line. Newark or NYC could be realistic options - as you know, most trains and public transit in NJ are really designed to get you in and out of NYC, and it may in fact be easier/faster for you to commute to a school in the city, or at least in Newark or another major transit hub, than to find something closer to your house. It's worth checking out.

Figure out what the major transit hubs are that connect directly to the bus or train line that goes to your home. Then figure out if there are any massage schools in those towns. It may, as I'd mentioned, be easier and faster to go further in distance, but have it be a direct commute, than to try to find a school that's nearer to your home.

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