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Nursing Vocational School

Louise Said:

Can i get my bachelors degree at a vocational school in less than 4 years?

We Answered:

Yes, it is called fast track nursing and a lot of nursing schools do that now. Basically there are no short cuts in the syllabus, you still do the same amount of work as students that go through a regular program.

However, in the accelerated program, you do not get any breaks. Summer, spring or whatever. You do your clinical rotations and course back to back, so put on your running shoes. You will be so busy that time flies.

I hope this helps

Anthony Said:

Who does a Vocational Nursing program need to be accredtited by. Each school has a different one. Which one?

We Answered:

It should be accredited by the state.

Marcia Said:

My question is about vocational nursing and then moving onto Register Nursing?

We Answered:

I guess I'm wondering why it's taking you two years to become an LVN - most programs are about 12 months unless you're in a rare Assoc. Degree LVN program. You could be an RN in practically the same amount of time (if you could get admitted right away). You can be an RN with a minimum of an Assoc. Degree (2 year program, not counting pre-reqs) from a community college. You can certainly go the LVN route first, as a previous answer mentioned there are "bridge" programs from LVN to RN which is about a year in length, and also LVN to BSN/RN programs which are about 3 years in length.

Google your state board of nursing, their website should have a list of all the educational programs that are approved in your state.

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